Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Miss Sadie

Ammon and I were yard sale-ing a couple Saturdays ago.  We stopped at this crappy yard sale.  All they  had was boxes of junk.  As we turned around to leave, I saw this puppy on the porch.  She wanted to come down the steps but was timid about it because she was so small.  I made a comment about how cute the puppy was and the lady in charge of the yard sale told me that I could take her for free.  When I heard that, I went over and picked up this fuzzy, white, floppy eared puppy.  It was love.  Mutual love.  I fell in love with her right there on the spot and she did the same.  She was obsessed with me.  I asked Ammon if we could keep her and it was obvious that he felt like I put him on the spot.  The lady wrote down the name and phone number of her friend.  (her friend was the one trying to get rid of the puppy)  I told her that we would discuss it and I'd call her later.  I said goodbye to the puppy and got in the car.  We drove 30 yards to the stop sign and I couldn't go any farther.  Ammon agreed that we could take her and I made him turn the car around.  I stepped out of the car and the woman laughed that I was back so soon.  She said, "I had a feeling you'd be back."  : )  She emptied a small box and I loaded up the puppy and off we went.  We were told that she didn't have any of her shots, and that she was a pomeranian, chihuahua mix.

Introducing...  Sadie!!

She is a sweetheart and really LOVES us.  She wants lots of love and attention which is a good thing because she has two little boys chasing her around every chance they get.  We're still in the middle of housebreaking her which, I'm not gonna lie, sucks.  I get frustrated in the mornings when I have to clean her cage and the linens in the cage.  She's 9 weeks old, maybe 10 weeks now.  Her appearance has changed a lot since we got her.  She used to have adorable floppy ears and now they stick straight up.  I wasn't a fan at first but now, it's growing on me.  Life with a puppy is stressful but, seeing the way my boys love her makes up for all that.

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