Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post-Nap Love

When Noah gets up from his nap, he needs to have a little snuggle time before he's ready to play or destroy something. I love these times because my little guy isn't super snuggly. Ammon was home when Noah woke up from his nap a few days ago and I was able to capture one of these sweet moments. Oh how I love these two boys!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free Rice

so, we all spend time on the computer right? sometimes doing things that really aren't productive. well, guess what i found today while blog-hopping?! it gives you a word and 4 choices of definitions. if you get it right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the united nations world food program! they just started on october 7th and have already donated 232,745,430 grains of rice! that can really do some good! so, next time you feel like blowing some time and learning some new words (palliate=make less severe) go to! seriously... go right now.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dinner by the Creek #2

So, apparently Blogger hates me... It won't let me upload pictures through Blogger. I have to use Picasa, which is fine but then I can only have 4 pictures on a post. Maybe I shouldn't take so many pictures? Nah... This is a continuation from the last post. More of my boys playing in the creek.

Dinner by the Creek

Noah was getting fussy this evening so, I decided that we'd go pick up some dinner at Bojangles, meet Ammon at work and then go to the park to eat. We ate and then went down to the creek so Noah could play a little.

He started out with his pants on but wanted in the water so badly!

They were throwing acorns in and Noah was pointing at them.

I'm not sure what they're looking at in this one but, I thought it was sweet.

Throwing more acorns in!

A Flower for YOU!!

I'm focusing on making Christmas presents this year and some people already know about these so, I figured I could post about them. I covered fabric buttons and then I took Ammon's needle nose pliers and ripped out the hook thingie on the back and attached a magnet. So now I have these pretty magnets! A few days ago, I made a flower for my dear husband. (act surprised if you get some of these lovelies for christmas)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sleeping through Conference

We went up to Will & Ginger's for General Conference and Noah was being a turd. He was so exhausted but refused to fall asleep in the pack-n-play. We tried quite a few times and he wasn't having it. Ginger took him outside on the deck and pushed him back and forth in their stroller. She had been out there awhile and when i looked out the window, this is what I saw. What a sweetie. We hardly have any sleeping pictures of Noah because he will usually only sleep in his bed by himself. He is a light sleeper and has to sleep with a fan. I go in almost every night and watch him sleep. He always looks so peaceful... good stuff.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Fun to Teach Kids New Things

this is noah scrunching up his face and breathing in and out of his nose real quickly. what a nut!


I can't believe I forgot to blog this! My doctors office called on Wednesday and told me that my hormone levels were at 1.7!! They originally wanted them to get below 5 which is a non-pregnant level. They have gone down very quickly and I am so thrilled that I didn't need to get the shot again or have surgery. I am so grateful that I have a wonderful doctor and I'm also grateful for his staff. They've been so great with me through all this and every time i went in to get blood work done, they only had to stick me once! That's never happened before.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Photo Shoot - Take 3

Today's Photo Shoot - Take 2

Today's Photo Shoot

these are some pictures i took today... i'm having trouble putting them all on one post so, i'll have to do a few different ones...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Few More

from yesterday...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Ammon went to a missionary meeting tonight and while he was gone, Noah and I went out to play in the yard (with the soccer ball, of course). When Ammon pulled up and Noah saw him for the first time, he got this look on his face and started clapping. Yay!! Daddy's home!


noah needs this shirt

Friday, October 5, 2007

A call from Dr. McIlveen

I had to get blood taken again this morning. It's such a a hassle. I had to get up, give Noah his bottle, change his diaper and put his clothes on. Then of course, he pooped and I had to take his clothes off, change his butt and dress him again. Then I had to make myself somewhat presentable without a shower and entertain Noah while doing this. Then it was time for Noah's breakfast so I cook up some cheesy eggs and feed him while making a mental list of everything I needed to bring for our little trip. I pack Noah up in the car and we set off to the doctor's office. Drive for 30 minutes with a baby who hates being in the car and we're finally there. The girls at the doctor's office are basically family now. We see them a few times a week and I'm sure they have all seen more of me than they've wanted to. Anyway, they all ooo and aah over Noah for awhile and then they call me back to the lab. Someone has to hold Noah because if I do, he tries to pull the needle out of my arm... ouch! Then they stick me and of course I cannot look at the needle. I've found a nice spot on the wall that I look at everytime they take my blood. The girls ooo and aah over Noah some more and try to get him to do some of his adorable tricks, which of course, he doesn't. He just whispers where the light is over and over. Chat for a little bit and then back in the car for a 30 minute ride of Noah "uh-ohing" his blanket and pacifier. He thinks that in order for him to say uh oh, he has to actually drop something. And then he gets frustrated because he uh-ohed something that he really wanted.

Why did I document my morning? I'm really not sure...

Oh I think it was to explain why they were doing blood work. My doctor said that my numbers were dropping earlier this week which was good but they weren't dropping as much as he would have hoped. He told me to come in Friday (today) for blood work so that if I had to get the shot again, I could get it before the weekend. He called me this evening and said that my numbers had dropped to 230-something! He said that everything looks great and the shot seems to have worked! Hooray! Now I just have to go in once a week to have blood taken until my numbers are below 5. I am so relieved. I hope the numbers drop quickly so that we can be done with all this. It has been one hectic month. So physically and emotionally draining... Things are looking up!

Monkey Boy

I know when I was younger, I used to climb everything.... well, mainly counters and trees and doorways. Anyway, I've heard plenty of stories about Ammon climbing as a child and now we get to watch Noah do it. We keep (well, used to keep) Noah's basket of toys under the coffee table and he has figured out how to get into his toy basket and up onto the coffee table. He loves to play with my frames and bang my glass votive holders together. This is how I've found him on numerous occasions these past few days... Monkey Boy!

Thanks Ginger!!

Last week, Noah and I were outside one day waiting for Ammon to get home from work when Ginger pulls up. She said that she thought I could use a pick-me-up with everything that has been going on lately and then she pulled this beautiful bouquet out of her backseat! Isn't it amazing? It had the perfect combination of beautiful fall colors and has really brightened up our home. I've loved being able to look at them and have the wonderful smell of fresh flowers in my home. Today, I had to modify it all little bit and pull out the dead ones and now there is still a beautiful small bouquet on our table. Thanks Ginger for thinking of me and always being so loving!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wahoo for Target!

Life has been so great with Noah lately. He is so sweet and so funny and really is good company. He talks to me all day and really understands what I'm saying. We play the same games everyday and it never gets boring! He is learning to walk and improving everyday. He loves to walk and likes it when we make a big deal out of his steps. He's only worn shoes a couple times his whole life and they're becoming a must with him walking and cold weather coming. Today, Shanna and I took our boys to Winston Salem to do some shopping. When we were at Target, I bought him some new shoes. I figured he could wear these all the time, even to church.

Target has so many great things! Shanna bought some adorable dresses for her daughter, Kaybri. I couldn't believe how cute they were and some of the things were really marked down. I also got a few other things that I am really excited about. I can't write about them yet because they're a gift... I'm so sad that we don't have a Target here in Mayberry... I think it would do really really well. All we have is Wal-Mart and everyone I talk to despises going there.

Ok, so I'm really loving photography lately and Ammon and I have been watching amazing videos on YouTube of people using Photoshop to do really awesome things. Surry Community College was offering a Photoshop class and it started last night. I really wanted to take it. It was scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:00-9:30. Ammon and I talked about it and we both thought it was a good idea to have something for me. It would be good for me to have a little bit of time away from the mom-scene and good for Ammon to have some quality, alone time with Noah. So, I pack up my backpack last night with a snack, some water and a notebook and drove off to my new adventure. I was the only one who showed up for the class! The professor said that they needed 7 students to do the class so, now I don't get to do it. :-(

Monday, October 1, 2007

Noah says, "thank you"

Noah is learning new words all the time. We were actually able to catch this one on video!

Where's Noah??

Noah loves to play this game in the bathroom . He actually bumps his head in this video and cracks up. Man, I've got one cute kid!!

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