Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Lilly

ok, my mom sent me this video and my jaw was dropped the whole time. I think I need private lessons from Lilly. and that's sad...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthday Scrapbook

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here are some more pictures from noah's birthday! it was such a great party and so many people were able to come celebrate with us.

What a Month!

man, i miss blogging! i love to blog and have been pretty good about being consistent with it but lately, there has been SO MUCH stuff going on in our lives that i haven't been sure if i wanted to write it all down. i feel like since this one thing has pretty much consumed my life this past month or so, it'll be ok to write about it.

ammon and i found out a month ago that i was pregnant and boy were we excited!! a few days later i started bleeding and got into my doctor. he said that some women bleed early in pregnancy but that he wanted to take blood to check my hormone levels to make sure that they were going up properly. i also had to get the rhogam shot because i have negative blood and ammon has positive blood and if the baby had positive blood and it mixed with mine, my body would build up antibodies and if my next baby had positive blood, my body would fight and reject it. i stopped bleeding that week and had no pain whatsoever so, we thought that maybe things would be ok. i continued to go in a couple times a week to get blood drawn and have internal ultrasounds done and my hormone levels were not rising as they should and the doctor told us that one of two things was happening. either i miscarried and my levels would start to go down real soon or, it was an ectopic pregnancy. he said that ectopic pregnancies are rare and as soon as he said that, i was sure that's what it was. yadda yadda yadda... my levels kept going up but not enough to support a pregnancy and my left tube started to swell. it was very painful for one day but then the pain subsided. when i went in yesterday for my ultrasound, the ectopic pregnancy was confirmed in my left tube so the doctor sent me over to the hospital to get a shot of methotrexate, a form of chemo. it stops cells from dividing and is supposed to get rid of this pregnancy. see, the worry is that the pregnancy will get too large and rupture my fallopian tube and then i start to bleed internally. apparently women used to die from ectopic pregnancies. anyway, got the shot yesterday, one shot in each hip and now we just wait for levels to hopefully go down. i get blood checked on friday and again next tuesday and if they're not going down by then, we either try the shot again or we have to do surgery. it has been one scary and frustrating month but, i think we're ok. i just try to focus on my family and hope for the best. i just found out that if this shot works, i still have to wait at least 3 months to try and get pregant so none of it is in my system... i sure hope nothing is wrong with my left tube... i would hate to go through all of this again.

ammon got a new job and is liking it so far. noah and i have been adjusting to life without daddy during the day and we miss him a lot. he gets to come home for lunch which is so nice. it is so sweet to see the way that noah interacts with his daddy.

noah learned 2 new words today!!! this morning he learned to say, "thank you" and tonight he said, "hot dog". we got the thank you on video but not the hot dog. i tried to put the video on the computer but somehow, it didn't transfer the sound with the video. i think sound is probably important for that clip so i'll give that job to ammon and hopefully have it up soon. noah is so smart and learning more and more everyday. i love staying home with him and teaching him and watching him learn.

so, that's our month for ya. i'll update on medical stuff when i hear from the doctor next week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

just for fun!

Rubik Cube Generator

rubik's cube generator
is pretty cool, eh?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Noah Emerson

i cannot believe that my baby is 1!

at 1 year these are the things he's saying: uh oh, light, mom, dad, hot, fish, duck, boat

these are some things he's doing: claps when you say, "yay", waves bye-bye, knows where every power button to all of dad's toys are, takes 2-3 steps at a time, gives you "five", brushes his own teeth (all 8 of them), entertains himself for a long time with books, knows what i'm saying but likes to test the boundaries, opens the drawer in the kitchen to take every single straw out (everyday), if you say, "tickle tickle", he'll start tickling you... so cute! he sings with me cuddles up to me around bedtime.

things he loves to eat: ramen, cheese, chicken, applesauce, green beans (still baby food kind), and of course, chocolate! he is definitely his father's child...

i love him more and more all the time and sometimes i really think i might burst!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Noah's 1st Birthday!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

6 Additions to the Family

the huff's are moving and asked us if we wanted their fish tank. noah liked looking at them over at their house so, we said sure. we got it all set up and noah has learned how to say "fish". we have 6 fish but, i'm not sure how long we'll have all of them. see, noah likes to smack the glass and it stresses these poor little fish out. i really think he might give them little fish heart attacks.

i put some scrapbooking paper behind it to make it look cool.

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