Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to the mess!

How cute are they?! Noah was a little stir-crazy because we hadn't gone anywhere all day. So this evening we spent some time over at the house to check out the progress. Noah LOVES his daddy so much!

My cutie...

And now onto the much anticipated house pictures. I didn't take any of the basement today. Not really sure why. We spent most of our time is this room because...the floor is in!! Beautiful!

This is a picture of the landing. The master bedroom is on the left, Noah's room is straight ahead and the baby's room is to the right. Oh and a bathroom on the left too.

Stairs to the bedrooms.

Living room

From the front door looking into the dining room.

Dining Room


Kitchen again.

We're moving in next week and I'm thrilled about it! The flooring won't be finished but, thats ok. We'll get it done eventually. Anyone want to come pack things up and move it all to the new house?! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This man of mine

This man of mine is so sweet. He listens to me complain and doesn't judge me. He kisses me on the forehead when I'm feeling down. He is always happy to see me. He usually knows me better than I know myself. He still looks at me like he did on our wedding day. He is a wonderful daddy and teaches Noah things that I can't. He is always genuine and honest. He loves the Lord and lives his life to please Him. He honors his priesthood and doesn't hesitate to use the it in our home. He reads from the Book of Mormon with me every night. He prays with me and for me. He doesn't complain that I have 6 pillows that I sleep with these days which leaves him the tiniest little place to sleep. (sorry sweetie) He likes to cuddle and hold hands. We don't get to see him much lately but that's only because he's working so hard fixing up our new house for our little family. He can fix just about anything. He thinks I am the best when I make him brownies, undercooked of course. He is so patient and loves me unconditionally, even when I forget important things like our 3 year anniversary!!

Michelle called me this morning and said that she was feeling bad about something. She apologized for not wishing me a happy anniversary yesterday. I couldn't believe it! I completely spaced it. I'm pretty sure Ammon forgot too... We have been completely consumed by other things. I'm so sorry Ammon. Thanks for not giving up on me 3 1/2 years ago and letting me see the wonderful man that you are. I have loved these past 3 years and am so excited to spend forever with YOU!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids these days.

A few weeks ago my work flew me out to Chicago for a meeting with Kmart. On the plane to Chicago I sat next to a girl that appeared to be about 14 years old. She watched her ipod video the whole time while I read a book. During the flight she opened up her bottled water and drank about half, capped it and set it on the floor next to her.

When we landed she picked up her bottle. She looked at the concaved bottle with a puzzled look. Then she squeezed the sides of the bottle to try and pop the sides back out to its original shape. With no luck she put the bottle in her lap.

Smirking, I told her that

“When we are in flight at 30,000 feet the atmospheric pressure is a lot less then it is on the ground. When you put the cap on your bottle you trapped a certain amount of air in the bottle and when we came back down the air inside the bottle is not sufficient to withstand the greater atmospheric pressure. The sides of the bottle get sucked in from the vacuum created.”

She looked at me as if I told her Paris Hilton scored a 1500 on her SAT. Realizing my intentional amusement at her expense was great than previously expected I told her. “All you have to do is open the bottle and the sides will pop back out.”

After seeing her face when she opened the bottle I thought that it couldn’t get any better but then she said, “They should really teach that in school.” To this day I laugh at this every time I think about it.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stop and smell the flowers.

I thought I would take a minute to stop and smell the flowers. There is so much going on in my life right now that I can’t even keep up with it all. I have a house to finish and then move in. Jessica is about to have boy number two. I am re-creating how my job is done at work. That is just the abnormal stuff not counting Noah, church, friends or extended family.

I’m not one of those people who would then say “I wouldn’t change it for the world” because that is straight up crap. Sure I wouldn’t change working on my house to not having one but I would change it to being finished. I don’t understand why people are so pessimistic and think that change equals bad change. There are only a few things I wouldn’t change. That does not mean that I am not happy with the way things are.

I love my family. Jessica is wonderful. I consider myself very lucky to have her and think winning her over as my greatest accomplishment ever. Noah is THE best kid ever. He loves to make us laugh and is quick to learn anything I teach him.

Looking at the world around me I can see how some people can get depressed lose hope for the future. I personally think that life is great and the best is yet to come. Yeah I have to pay more for gas but the best things in my life are right with me at home.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's Appointment

My baby boy! Look at those lips!

Another cute picture of his sweet little face. :)

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Last time, he had mentioned that I was measuring almost 3 weeks too small when he measured my uterus from top to bottom. He scheduled me for an ultrasound today and everything looked great! According to their measurements, this baby is measuring 2 days ahead of schedule and is roughly 5 pounds 9 ounces! He is already head-down and ready to go. The amount of fluid looked really good too. He is usually all squished up on my right side so maybe that's why I am measuring small? My belly is still 3 weeks behind... Oh well. I'm just glad everything is looking good. It was so great to see my little guy up on the screen. He is so cute! It looks like his lips are HUGE! I really can't wait to hold him. I'm nervous about being away from Noah though... I missed him so much this morning and I was only gone less than 3 hours. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks and then every week after that. Hooray for this pregnancy coming to an end!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

He Keeps me Smiling

Noah is a funny dude. Last night, Ammon and I were texturing his new ceiling and we needed to finish before we could come home. Well, this ended up being around 11:00 pm. Noah is a very routine kid and rarely goes to sleep past 9:00. He was so good the whole time and on the way home, I was talking to him and asked him to say, "mama". This little guy is so funny and he thought it would be hilarious to trick me and say, "Daddy!" It was so funny and went a little something like this:

Me: "Noah, can you say Mama?"
Noah: "Daddy!" (followed by uncontrollable laughter)
Me: "No, Ma-ma"
Noah: "Daddy!" (laughing like a crazy man again)

This happened over and over. He's really getting his own personality and loves to make Ammon and I laugh. Another thing he has been doing lately is counting. I guess he's been counting for awhile but it's always been with his own made up numbers. Now if you tell him to count he says, "two, two, two, two, TWO!" haha. I'm so glad that he is mine and I'm excited for his future.

Monday, July 7, 2008


According to the countdown at the top of my blog, I only have 40 days left until my due date! Holy crap! I have so much to do. The house has to be finished, I have to pack up the apartment, move it into the new house, clean the apartment, unpack at the new house and then start the "nesting" process. I have absolutely nothing ready for this baby... All the while I need to try and keep up with the everyday cleaning here at the apartment which is hard enough for me. Ah snap.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Current Projects

You guys have asked for some pictures and really, I wish I would've taken more. This is some of what we're working on right now. Ammon is painting all the ceilings which looked horribly disgusting. This picture is actually of the nursery ceiling. Yuck!

Another thing we have to get done is the kitchen floor. When we went to rip it up we found that it was vinyl glued to vinyl which was glued to the subfloor. It is a beast to get up. That could really slow us down. I'll need to do some research to see if there is a better way than scraping every single inch.

Yesterday morning we went over to Lowe's to buy our appliances. Ammon asked one of the employees what kind of discount we could get if we bought all the appliances at once. The guy said 20%! We got our fridge, dishwasher, stove, and over the range microwave. He then said that he would give us 10% off anything else we bought that day. So we went and picked up new bathroom faucets, a kitchen faucet, shower fixtures, light fixtures and ceiling fans! I still want a new kitchen sink and new countertops but, that's not in the budget right now. We'll have to save up some $ to be able to replace those. Oh! and a pot rack too.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things that have already been done...

* baseboard heaters removed
* temperature controls removed
* walls patched where the temp. controls were
* wallpaper borders taken down
* stickers taken off all walls
* TONS of spackling done
* walls sanded
* repeat previous 2 steps numerous times
* baseboards torn out
* carpet taken out
* tack strips removed
* staples pulled out of the sub floor
* ceilings painted
* walls primed twice
* new doorknobs installed
* deadbolts installed on all exterior doors
* peephole installed on front door
* kitchen cabinet doors removed
* kitchen cabinets sanded
* kitchen cabinets primed
* 2 layers of vinyl flooring in kitchen ripped up

hmm... i can't think of anything else. we're well on our way and hope to be done soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I don't get it

I love to go in and watch Noah sleep. This is how I find him just about every night. Sleeping under his pillow! What's that about?

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