Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brady Bunch Boys

We went to Pilot Mountain over the weekend to do some exploring. The boys LOVED it! They made me nervous quite a few times. Especially when we went to the overlooks... More on that later. I just wanted to share this picture that I snapped in the parking lot. It wasn't posed or anything.... Griffin kept pushing Ammon's head to the side so they could look at eachother. So sweet, huh? I love these men so much. It totally remind me of this:

Friday, November 6, 2009

two things...

First of all-- my husband is adorable.

And B-- I have been called, sustained and set apart as the Young Women President in the Mount Airy ward!! Talk about overwhelming! Things have been crazy busy thus far. And I'm sure things will always be busy but I'm hoping the "crazy" part fades with time. I am confident that I can do this. I love these girls so much already. Not too long ago, I was a teacher in the Young Women program so I feel like I already know the girls fairly well and they know me. I have 2 fantastic counselors and secretary. They've already been so much help to me.

Ammon is still in the Young Men Presidency and is not being released from that calling. They have called someone to help the Young Men on Wednesdays though so that he can stay home with our boys while I am at mutual. Life is hectic but really good.

I have more to say but Ammon just got home... It's snuggle time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Jess

There was a day

There was a day you made my heart skip a beat

There was a day next to you was always my seat

There was a day when you took my breath away

There was a day I hung on every word you'd say

There was a day all I could think about was you

There was a day I would follow no matter what you wanted to do

There was a day my love for you knew no bounds

There was a day your laughs were my favorite sounds

There was a day a touch from you warmed me from head to toe

There was a day I would find a reason to bask in your glow

There was a day I could look into your eyes forever

There was a day you were my every desire

There was a day I wished your kisses would never end

There was a day you were my best friend

There was a day you were all I thought about

There was a day our love I would not doubt

That day, is this day, and every day, forever


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