Thursday, January 6, 2011

I know What We Did Last Summer

I know what we did last summer but here are some pictures that didn't get posted that are worth seeing.

One of the boys favorite things about summer is going to the beach with my Grandma. She is very generous in letting us come play and the boys get great memories because of it.

This past summer was the first where both boys were able to really understand and enjoy the beach. They also have beautiful white skin that must stay covered in sun block or else the Sun would not be very nice to them.

A beach house would not be complete without a hammock. It is the only place the boys get exposed to one so it is an added treat.

I told Jessica when we had boys that she better eat it up while she can because the day will come that Dad will be the coolest. When it comes to boys being boys dad is the ring leader and I love every minute of it.

Griffin was kind of timid at first but he really does have no fear. Noah showed him what the deal was and soon Griffin was right there doing everything Noah would do.

I am excited for this summer. The boys have already started talking about going to Grandma's beach house.


So I noticed that there wasn't a Halloween post. I don't really have all the pictures Jessica does but I do have this one. Noah and Griffin are Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat and the Hat. They won the costume contest my work had. There was probably 50 entries. Another note about this picture is their hair. We let it grow out just for this. We did our trick-or-treating on Saturday and the boys hair was cut before church the next day. I love my clean cut boys. :-)

Living the Busy Life

Life never stops at our house and I know Jessica wants to blog more but just doesn't have time. I thought I would toss a few pictures up here just to keep things going and let everyone know we are doing great.

I'm so glad I married someone that makes me look good. It would be a sad sight if Jessica wasn't in these pictures.

Here is a picture of Griffin. He has to be the funniest kid ever. He is always saying the funniest things and his voice is the cutest.

This next picture I like because Noah and Griffin are becoming such good friends. They have started to play well together and really get along. Part of the reason behind this is that they share a room. This gives them plenty of time to build a relationship. It is also nice when they can share a bed when visiting family like in this picture.

Well I hope things will settle down now that the holidays are over and Jessica can get back to this blog stuff. She is way better at it than me.


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