Friday, October 30, 2009

the end of a bad week

This week:

Griffin gave up his morning nap.
Noah gave up naps altogether.
It became apparent that both kids still NEED these naps.
There was constant whining.
Noah spilled wax all over my bookshelf/wall/floor.
Noah colored on 4 walls, the floor and the exersaucer.
Both kids got flu shots and haven't felt good.
I didn't get to go to my friend's Halloween party tonight.
I've had a headache every single day.
I lost my cool a few times.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday! I might let Ammon do everything child related...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

We've been SUPER busy lately. Seriously. I guess I'll start with today. Every other Friday, a group of us moms get together so the kids can have a playdate. We plan all sorts of fun stuff for them to do. Today was pumpkin picking day! Will and Ginger live next to this super nice man who own acres and acres of pumpkins. I think he supplies the Wal-Marts or something. Anyway, the past few years he has let us come up and pick pumpkins free of charge. Nice, huh? Especially when a single pumpkin can cost you around $5! Ridiculous... So our playgroup all met up at the church and I led the caravan up the mountain to the pumpkin farm. On the way up it was raining and there was quite a bit of fog. Once we got to the patch, the rain had stopped and the fog made for a nice spooky feel.

I know I photoshopped this picture but, you can still kinda see the fog. Since they were done picking for the season, we were told to pick as many as we'd like! I think I brought 6 home.

Griffin is the friendliest kid you'll ever meet. The other day, we went into Family Dollar and one of the male cashiers held his hands out to Griffin and he immediately jumped out of my arms and into the arms of this stranger. He does stuff like that all the time. He loves people! Isaac came over to talk to Griffin for a second and as you can see, Griffin totally thinks they're friends. : )

Griffin picked his own.

Not long after we got there, Noah had an accident and had to sit back in the car. (he peed his pants) This is the only shot I got of him. And it's blurry.

So after all the pumpkin picking fun, we caravaned back down the mountain and headed to the fire station. (after a quick stop home to grab a change of clothes for Noah) They were doing some sort of safety presentation for children ages 0-5. Pizza, cupcakes and drinks were served and they got to watch a short safety video. Then we all piled in garage to let the kids take their turn getting the fire truck!

I couldn't get a picture of the whole engine... there were too many people. But here is Noah in the fire truck. He had a great time!

Right before it was over, the kids were given fire hats to take home. One firefighter put a hat on Griffin and it made him incredibly happy. He took off running. If his hat shifted or fell off, he immediately put it back on and kept running. The lady in charge took a picture of me holding Griffin with his hat and it turned out SO cute. She said it'll be in the paper so I guess we'll look for that!

Noah and his hat. He has since broken it. Boys...

Isaac, Peyton, and Noah. Haha. This picture cracks me up. Look at Isaac! : )

Ok, so... That was today. Well, just this morning actually. Ammon is borrowing his parents' tent and practiced setting it up in the front yard last night. The boys were thrilled to spend some time with their daddy.

I probably shouldn't have textured this photo considering it's of their faces but... oh well. I like it. Here they are inside the tent. Griffin was playing in a pile of leaves during this time.

These leaves.

And another thing that is keeping us busy is swimming lessons for Noah. We go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he is loving it so far. I took him to a water exploration class this summer. It was a parent/tot class so I was afraid that he would freak out when I didn't get in the water with him but, he's been doing really well. On the first night, we found out that his good friend, Isaac, was in his class. I think that has helped him not be so nervous.

There are some crazy lights in the pool area and I've been having trouble getting my camera settings right while I'm in there.

This is the only good one I got. I'll keep working on it and have some actual "swimming" pictures soon.

So, that's what we've been up to.

What about you?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Trip to Tweetsie!!

I mentioned in my last post that we live close to the Tweetsie Railroad. Yesterday, we were able to go with Gigi and Pap! When I was looking at the weather forecast, the high for the day was 44 degrees! I actually called Tweetsie hoping to get a refund and try again for a different day but, they wouldn't do it. So, we bundled up and headed to Tweetsie for a GREAT day! There were tons of photo-ops but I was too cold to take my mittens off most of the time. We did get a few... In no particular order, I bring you.... Tweetsie!

Here we are in the green car. Noah got to ride in both the green AND the red car. : )

And here is Tweetsie #12.

I love these pumpkin men! I wish I had some to put outside my house! (with a different saying)

Noah got a GIANT lollipop and a day later, he is still working on that thing. : )

This picture cracks me up. Noah kept doing this weird face. He wouldn't move his head -- just his eyes. Silly boy!

Noah's 1st train ride!! Brr... It was freezing. We actually saw snow!

So, not only do they have a train but they have a "county fair" in the park. Noah didn't care about any of it. All he wanted was to ride the train. I managed to get him to ride the carousel with me. He wasn't a fan.

Griffin drinking some warm milk. This kid did so well! He didn't nap the entire day and we heard very minimal whining from him.

Family picture in front of the engine. If you look closely, you'll see lollipop all over Noah's face.

Another shot in front of the engine.

Another one of the county fair rides. Noah wouldn't do it so Ammon took me for a ride.

Griffin's 2nd train ride. He's such a good baby!

Noah's 2nd train ride.

We finished the day by seeing where Pap used to live while going to Appalachian State and then eating at the restaurant he and Ginger used to eat at when they were dating. : )

Thanks Gigi and Pap! We had a wonderful day with you! Noah can't wait to see Tweetsie again. Maybe we can go back next year. And maybe next time we can go when it's not snowing. ; )

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Track Mind

(it looks like Noah has a wicked unibrow in this picture. don't fret. it's just a wrinkle.)

Noah LOVES trains. Plain and simple. I'm not even sure how it all started. I think I found some at a yard sale when he was a baby and it was love at first sight. Since then, I have found multiple train sets at yard sales. He now has a train table (thank you Craigslist!) that keeps all of his trains in one place. No more having to maneuver around twisty tracks and little engines. He plays with his trains every. single. day. He knows their names and what kind of train they are. He knows the names of all the different kinds of freight cars. He is always asking us to talk to his trains like they are part of the family. Often I overhear him talking to his trains and being genuinely interested in what they have to say.

A couple weeks ago while we were up on the farm, a show came on the Discovery Channel that was all about trains. "Monster Machines" I think is what the series was called. Noah watched the entire show and was completely captivated the entire time. This surprised me because the show did not cater to children at all. I got online and checked the listings to see when the show would air again. Gigi and Pap said that they would record it for him. He now asks to watch his "train movie" all the time.

We are lucky enough to live close to Tweetsie Railroad. I've never been but, it seems to be an amusement park devoted to trains. Hello! We're going later this month and Noah talks about it everyday. He keeps asking me to get tickets so he can ride the train. I am so excited to see his reaction when he sees and rides a real train.

More proof of the obsession:

* Everytime we go over railroad tracks, he HAS to look both ways to see if there is a train.
* He is an excellent sharer EXCEPT when it comes to his trains. He can get very posessive.
* He lines up anything to make a train. Fruit snacks, blocks, cars, etc...
* When he finally decided to do his business in the potty, all he wanted was a new train from Wal-Mart.
* One of the only ways we can get him to eat is to do "train bites". He names each bite after one of his trains. The bite then has to go on a journey up the hill and then down before he'll eat it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

Do you scrapbook? Digital? Paper? Or Hybrid? I like to say that I scrapbook but really, I can't remember the last time I did a layout. I have a whole room devoted to this hobby but haven't mastered all of life's demands yet. Hopefully I can do that soon... There are so many things that I want to do.

Anyway - I'm not a digital scrapbooker. Paper is what I know and love. But it's hard not to notice all the cool digital scrapbooking stuff out there. Whenever I see a free kit or quick page or template, I am quick to hit the download button but rarely do anything with them. Well today, I found this quick page and decided to use it right away. For those of you who don't know, a quick page is a layout that has already been completed. The only thing you have to do is add your picture and text. The layout above took me all of 2 minutes to create. I don't know... I think I'll stick with paper for now but, I do love the whole 2 minutes per layout thing.

(no animals were harmed in the making of this layout)
(sorry razzle)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good things...

We have been having so much fun lately. I have the pictures to prove it but, sometimes it's just too much of a task to edit and upload them. I'm working on it. Life has been good. Here's a list of good things we've experienced these past few weeks:
  • We went to the circus.
  • We went up to VA to visit with my family.
  • We spent this past weekend up on the farm and tried to listen to General Conference.
  • Noah is potty trained.
  • Griffin learned how to walk.
  • I've been doing a fantastic job keeping the kitchen clean.
  • Ammon got to ride his mom's motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway. (picture above. notice the sign. apparently motorcyclists die when they ride here. this is why ammon will not own a motorcycle)
And here are some things we have to look forward to the rest of the month:
  • Temple trip with my adoring husband.
  • Tweetsie Railroad with Gigi and Pap.
  • Girls' Day Out to IKEA.
  • Lots of fun playgroups.
  • and festivals.
Love it!!

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