Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bike ride

The other day, I packed up the boys and their bikes and took them to our local biking/walking path.  It’s a really nice path that travels along the river and through town.
Griffin dressed himself and this is what he chose.  A winter hat, mismatched mittens, I <3 NY shirt, running pants, and plaid shoes.  I love him so much.  He is definitely his own person and doesn’t care what “normal” is.  PS.  It was 73 degrees outside.  :)
Along the way, Noah filled up his shirt with rocks and threw them into the river.  Throughout his life, this has been one his most favorite pastimes.
Griffin enjoyed the ride and is hoping for a bigger bike soon so he can go faster than his brother.
They rode 1.5 miles and had a great time.  We're making plans to go again when Daddy doesn't have to work.  His heart aches when he can't go on these outings with us.  Ours do too.  We are grateful for his job... and grateful for his days off!

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