Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't know what to say... I know that I want to say something, just not sure what that "something" is.  I guess I'll keep typing until I figure that out.  

How about an update?  

My mind immediately goes to our church callings.  

Ammon is still scoutmaster and 2nd counselor in the YM Presidency.  He fulfills both of these callings well and has also had 100% home teaching record for 10 months in a row.  (right love?)  He is so inspiring to me.  He is always thinking about ways he can better himself and ways we can better our family.  I knew it was the right decision to marry him 5 years ago but, I'm just now beginning to realize why.  He makes me better.  He loves me unconditionally and is quick to forgive me of all my mistakes.  Seriously.  Lightning fast.  He forgives me before I even get a chance to apologize.  He makes me so happy.  As I type this, I'm smiling because just thinking about him makes me happy.  : )

I'm still serving as the YW President in our ward and I LOVE my calling.  My girls are beautiful, inside and out.  I enjoy spending my time with them and helping them through these tough years in their lives.  I'm actually grateful that this calling takes up so much of my time because it's all good stuff.  Serving the Lord by serving these young women has been an amazing experience for me.

Our boys are thriving.  They are so full of life and energy and sometimes it's difficult to keep up but, they are so important to Ammon and me.  We talk all the time about how beautiful and special they are.  

Griffin is speaking so well.  He started slow with the speaking and now he speaks in full sentences.  I haven't been as diligent in teaching him sign language as I was with Noah but, he enjoys signing when we make him do it.  He likes to sing and dance and be happy.  He wakes up every morning at 6am ready to change the world with a smile.  If only I could wake up so happy...  He doesn't realize that he's smaller than other children.  He thinks he can do anything and has no fear of pain or consequences.

Noah is still so smart.  He's ready to read and I really should be more diligent in teaching him.  His little brain is capable of understanding SO much.  He asks us really deep questions on a daily basis.  He's not satisfied with an "I don't know" or "ask me later" answer.  He understands death and the plan of happiness.  He loves the gospel and to hear him pray to his Heavenly Father is... inspiring.  He enjoys giving talks in church and bearing his testimony.

Ammon and I have been blessed with the awesome responsibility of raising these boys.  We realize this and put all our effort into doing the best we can with them.

So... I guess I wanted to say that I am grateful for the gospel and the role it plays in my family.

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