Saturday, September 24, 2011

On my way…

My wonderful Grandpa passed away this past week.  For this reason, I am currently on a flight to Vancouver for the services.  Actually, I'm on my way to Houston.  And from Houston I’ll go to Portland where my mom will pick me up and take me to Vancouver.  I would say I’m a fairly nervous flyer.  Ever since we took a family trip and encountered some pretty wicked turbulence, flying is just not my thing.  Especially by myself.

This morning, I had to say goodbye to my 3 boys.  This was not easy for me to do.  Before I left, Ammon offered a beautiful prayer.  During this prayer, I got a little emotional and started to tear up.  As soon as Noah saw this, he started to tear up too.  He didn’t admit to it at first.  Ammon asked him if he was crying and he said, “No.  Tears are just coming out, but I’m not crying.”  The more he locked eyes with me, the more tears flowed down our faces.  Ammon told him that it was ok to cry if he was sad.  This allowed Noah to let go and just feel the emotion he was having.  I picked him up and we hugged for a long time.  I had to pick him back up as soon as I set him down.  It was just too hard to leave my baby when I knew he was so sad about me leaving.  I kissed them all and told them that they were going to have lots of fun and that I would see them on Tuesday.  About 3 minutes after I left, I texted Ammon to see if Noah was ok.  Of course, he was completely fine.  Smile

I made it to the airport and got checked in.  I got to the front of the security line and I handed my ticket and my driver’s license to the woman.  She asked me if I had another picture ID.  I told her that I did not and she informed me that my license was expired.  I had to have a supervisor come look at all my credit cards, my license and my social security card before letting me through.  She said I might have some trouble coming home…  I sure hope not!  I need to get home asap.  Stay tuned to see how that goes…

So, I boarded the plane and it’s a small.  Scary small.  One seat, an aisle and then 2 seats.  That’s it!  I’m sitting in seat 14A.  I’m right behind the emergency exit  and ironically, I have a window seat AND an aisle seat.  Take off was rough.  No one to tell me it was going to be ok.  No one to hold my hand.  I miss Ammon.  The 2 women next to me are loud.  Before takeoff I was fairly annoyed with how loud one of them was being, but during takeoff, I found myself so glad that she was saying things like, “is that such and such river?!  what road is that?!”  It helped me focus on something other than the anxiety I was feeling.  So, I listened to the annoying lady and watched a couple in front of me hold hands and I pretended like that was my hand in Ammon’s.  Call me crazy, but it helped!  I’m feeling alright now.  We’ve been in the air for about an hour and a half and I’m just now feeling normal.

I took pictures of the clouds from my window.  Noah and Griffin will love these!



Monday, September 5, 2011


Just downloaded Windows Live Writer and am currently using that to type up this blog post.  I’m going to publish it and hope it works.  And… publish.

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