Thursday, March 15, 2012

My better half…

Ammon gets home at 6pm from work and if we don’t have anywhere we need to be, our schedule is the same.  He walks in the kitchen and I’m typically there getting dinner on the table.  We say hello and I get a hug and a kiss.  Then, he goes straight upstairs to find the boys.  They are either playing a video game or pretending to be super heroes.  He loves on them each and asks them about their day.  He gives them hugs and kisses and then tickles them.  He then changes into pajamas and they all come downstairs to eat dinner.  As soon as dinner is over, all 3 boys head up to the playroom for an hour of play before bedtime. 

In fact, that’s what part of the schedule we are in right now.  The boys are upstairs and I am taking a moment to myself to breathe.  Life with Noah and Griffin is wonderful, but tiring.  It’s so nice to get a couple minutes by myself.  A couple minutes to get away from superheroes and potty talk.

It’s wonderful to have a husband who genuinely loves to spend time with his children.  He builds their confidence and self esteem.  He shows them physical affection which I feel is so important for them to receive from their dad.  He explains spiritual things in a way they can understand and they know that they can come to him with any problem or question.  Ammon’s parenting skills are… exactly what I want them to be.  His kids absolutely adore him and think he’s awesome.  He is patient, loving, and kind.  Even when he’s disciplining them, he’s always soft spoken and level headed.  I know he’s helping them grow up to be great men.  Men who will be the next generation of GREAT dads.


(photo taken 12/11)

Soccer Season has begun!

Not only am I a soccer mom… I’m also a soccer wife!  Ammon signed up for a soccer league and it was supposed to start 3 weeks ago.  Due to rain, the first 2 games were postponed.  Last Saturday, Ammon had his first and second games of the season.  I was feeling awful due to a terrible cold, but wanted to go support my man.  Plus, the boys needed to get outside after being cooped up with me for a couple days straight.


Noah had a great time watching the 1st game.




He got up right next to the sideline and cheered his little heart out.


“Go Ammon!”


“Don’t focus on the other people.”


“Focus on the ball!”


“Go Ammon!  Go Ammon!  Goooooooo!”


Check out his new cleats.  :)  They look especially sweet with those red shorts.


He schooled everyone on the field though, so it’s ok.


During the second game, the boys started out like this.  Hiding under their blankets.  They wanted to play our phones and the sun was too bright for them to see the screens.  Plus they were cold, and the blankets helped get them warm.  I got some weird looks from the other spectators.








Griffin found things to keep himself busy.  He wasn’t interested in the game at all.





Ever since I met my husband, one of my very favorite things to do is watch him play soccer.  When we were first married, I was able to be a videographer for the SVU soccer team.  That way, I could travel with the team and watch all the games.  I’m so grateful that he’s still able to play and do what he loves.

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