Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sharing the wealth

You have no idea what kind of treat you're in for!!  My family and I (my parents and siblings) have been talking about creating a family recipe blog for awhile now.  It seems like we're always calling eachother for recipes that we all grew up eating.  We've written them down a thousand times...  So, a couple weeks ago, it happened.  We have a family recipe blog.  It only has a few recipes on it right now but I assure you... They.  Are.  Awesome.  : )  All family members are invited to add their tried and true recipes so the rest of us can enjoy.  So, come on in and welcome to the Hebdon Recipe Blog.  Enjoy! 

 If you try one of the recipes, make a comment and let us know how it turned out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Be inspired

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.

-Oscar Wilde

Friday, April 24, 2009

And I quote...

(my friend julie has an "and i quote" section on her blog and i thought it was great!  so, thanks julie for the idea.  : )  i'm gonna play that game too.)

Noah and I went outside to play this evening.  He desperately wanted me to blow some bubbles.  The first bubbles I tried didn't work so well.  I could only get one, maybe two bubbles before I had to dip it again.  I had a different bottle of bubbles in the car so we set the first bottle aside and went to get the other one.  It worked much better.  Noah then preceded to pick up the first bottle and say, "This bubbles broken.  It needs batteries."

Yesterday Noah was complaining that his butt hurt.  I never figured out why... sometimes he complains about the seam on his pull-up.  That might have been it.  Anyway, he said, "Mom.  My butt hurts.  Need go to the doctor.  Fix it.  Yeah?  I ready to go."

Noah knows how to turn on his tv and dvd player.  Apparently he had turned on the movie, Bolt, and left the room.  When he came back, the movie was over and the screen was black.  He tried his usual sequence of button pushing but because the tv was already on, it didn't work.  He looked and me and said, "Oh no!  Mom, this tv is broken.  It needs batteries, rrrriiiiight?  Go get 'em."  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There were tears...

I am so upset!  Noah has been needing a haircut for awhile now.  I always cut his hair.  I cut it short in the back and fade it up the sides and leave it a little longer on top.  It's cute.  A typical boy haircut.  Tonight, Ammon brought up the fact that he needed a haircut and I told him he could do it.  I honestly envisioned Noah emerging from the bathroom with the haircut that I always give him.  So they went upstairs and I heard the clippers turn on.  Probably 30 seconds later I realize that maybe Ammon is cutting it shorter than I do so I yell up the stairs, "How short?".  Ammon replied, "Really short."  I dashed up the stairs and as soon as I caught a glimpse of my baby's head, I got mad.  Ammon totally buzzed it.  He didn't even put an attachment on the clippers.  Straight up buzzed it.  Oooo I was so upset.  He made my baby bald!  He has absolutely NO HAIR!  Ammon kinda chuckled and thought it was great.  When he realized that I was genuinely upset, he apologized... I'm still mad.  I mean really, when you know how it's usually done, why would you be so drastic without running it by me?  And did he start in the back so I could attempt to fade it?  Of course not.  He started right on top.  There was no hope.  Looks like I'm the only one left with hair in this household.

There were tears...

None from him.  From me.

Look what Ammon made!

Noah is the MAN!

Noah playing soccer at 2 1/2

As promised, here is a recent video of Noah playing soccer...  He's doing so well.  Sorry about the shaky camera, Ammon was running while taking this.  If you turn up the volume, you can hear Noah say, "Oh snap".   :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter at Grandma's

The Saturday before Easter we took the kids to visit Ammon's Grandma.  I love this woman.  She is so sweet to my family and loves my boys so much.  We got to spend the entire day at her house and it was so nice to catch up.

She gave Noah and Griffin Easter buckets with a stuffed animal and a snow globe.  Noah loves this purple rabbit.  When I asked him what its name was he looked at me for a long time and came up with, "Purple Rabbit Piatt".  Original.  :)

She planned a little Easter egg hunt for Noah which he loved.  He still tells me that he wants to "find the eggs".

After he found all the eggs, he went inside to check out his loot.  He wasn't sure about the $.... He wanted "shakers" because they have candy.  Maybe in the future he'll prefer money to candy.  Maybe not.

Then it was back outside to teach Grandma how to play soccer.

He really is getting to be quite skilled...  I need to post a recent soccer video.

Griffin and Grandma.  Silly boy.

Can't you just see the love oozing out of this picture?!

Noah had a great time with Grandma...

He loves her a lot.

He found a wind chime!  He has had a slight obsession with them since he was born...

It was a fun day.  Grandma even taught me how to make homemade Chicken 'n Dumplings and Buttermilk Biscuits.  Yummy!  I'm slowly becoming a southerner.  :)  Thanks Grandma, we had a wonderful time.  We'll come visit again soon!

Last night...

Ammon and I got the kids to bed and then we snuggled up in our bed to watch the movie, Bedtime Stories.  We heard Noah get up, which he does sometimes, but then things got quiet so we figured that he had gone back to bed.  When the movie was over, I asked Ammon to check on Noah to see if he was in his bed.  Noah has a pretty decent gap between the bottom of his door and the floor.  Ammon looked, and this is what he saw...

He knows that he's not supposed to come out of his room once we put him down...  This was as close as he could get.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The joys of being productive

I've mentioned it before... we have made a goal to attend the temple at least once a month this year.  Saturday was the day we scheduled for April.  

Will and Ginger met us there and watched the boys while Ammon and I did a session.  It was wonderful to be in the temple with my husband.

The flowers at the temple were beautiful!  They weren't there when we went last month.  

We gave Pap and Gigi our camera while we were in the temple and it looks like they had a lot of fun!

Apparently there is a train in downtown Apex.  Noah LOVES trains.  He always has.  I can only imagine how happy he was to board this one!

Gigi said that Noah would stick his head into these flowers and say, "I'm hiding" even though his backside was completely visible to the world.  Haha.

Griffin and his Pap.

After the temple, we went out to lunch and then headed up to the farm to do some work on the garden.  I am so grateful that we were able to help out and we look forward to helping out much more this season.  Ammon loves and respects his mom so much.  And I love that about him.

Noah didn't want to ride the tractor.  Playing in the dirt was too much fun!

Noah helped Daddy plant the potatoes.  By the end of it all, we had 32 - 50ft rows.  Plus the orchard and another smaller garden plot that holds the berries!  I can't wait for harvest!!  (3 generations in this picture!)

I'm grateful for this day.  A day that we could spend time doing work in the temple and work in the garden.  I'm grateful that my boys have had and will continue to have these experiences as they grow up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank you Nana & Poppy!

The boys opened their Easter package from Nana and Poppy on Sunday.  As soon as Noah opened the box, he yelled, "Oh goodness!!"

Griffin-man caught a glimpse when Noah wasn't looking.

Noah saw the chocolate Easter bunny  :)

They each got an Easter book.  

Griffin posing for the camera.  He's so kissable!

Noah showing off his chicken-shaped Play-doh holder.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Morning

Noah has LOVED Easter this year.  We talked about Jesus and the real reason we celebrate but for now, Easter egg hunts are his favorite part.  He was able to participate in 4 hunts this year(more blog posts to come)  and asks me every single day if we can "go find eggs in the grass".  He likes the "shakers" because he knows they have candy in them.  If they don't make a noise when he shakes them, forget it.  He won't even bother opening them.  The boys got buckets and shovels to use as their baskets this year.  The Easter bunny must have known that we're going to the beach for the 4th of July weekend.  :)  

Griffin got a whole bucket full of foam letters and numbers.

Noah got a fun play-doh picnic set and a bag of musical instruments.

After they looked at their things, I went upstairs to finish getting ready for church.  I could hear them having a good time but I had no idea things were like this!


Noah loves to play with Griffin.

Poor Griffin!

A hug.

And a kiss to make it all better.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My smallest friend

Griffin will be back to looking like this soon.  Currently, he has dark circles around his eyes, his nose is drippy and he's not happy sitting by himself.  He wants his mom.  I guess all kids do when they don't feel good.  'Til then, I'll look at these pictures and remind myself that this time flies by and I should not get frustrated about this disaster that we call home.  Housework tends to suffer when I have a baby attached to me.  What a little sweetheart.  A little sweetheart who tonight, went to sleep at 6:40 pm.  It'll be an EARLY morning, fo sho.

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