Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

We had a FUN Memorial Day! Will and Ginger took us to the Lazy 5 Ranch down near Charlotte. They have a 3.5 mile "safari" that you can either drive your car through or get on the horse drawn hay ride. We did the hay ride and were able to see and feed a lot of different animals. We also walked around to see different animals and that was fun too. As soon as we got out of the car, Noah's eyes got pink, puffy and watery and his nose started to run. I guess he's destined to have some allergies. Ammon and I both suffered from childhood allergies. It didn't seem to bother him much and he really enjoyed the whole experience. I posted A LOT of pictures from our day. Enjoy!

Noah feeding the llama. He wasn't scared of any of the animals!

This guy was HUGE! No one else on the ride wanted to feed him until Ammon showed them it was ok.

Isn't he gorgeous!?

By this time, Noah knew the drill. He picked up one pellet of feed and was trying to get the giraffe to come to him. Ha!

I don't know if you can tell from this picture... I was trying to show the allergies.

He was so good with all the animals. Very "easy".

Feeding the goats. (with Gigi's help)

My loves!

Walking through the park.

"Look at Mommy!"

We found a pretty cool looking bug.

Let's touch it!

OK, look how crazy huge this camel is...

Now look at Noah's foot! Yummy...

Not the best family picture but we wanted to document that we were all there together.

Gigi's trying to show Noah where the bird is... He finally found it.

Just being cute. :)

And again. I love his shirt. It says, "crab cake".

I should've gotten one with this guy's horns. They were crazy! They were really big and stuck straight out.

And for those of you who know Noah, you know that this NEVER happens!! He was so tired that he actually fell asleep on the way home! Way to go little guy!

We had a fantastic day with family and then when we got home, we spent a long time just playing outside and enjoying each other. I gave Noah a haircut last night and it looks really good. He's such a handsome boy. Ammon is back at work today and it seems like things are a bit crazy over there. I hope he can get caught up without getting too stressed out. I should make him brownies... that always makes him feel better.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goin' on a Boar Hunt

Ammon in Texas!

We're missing a part of our family... Ammon is out of town until Friday morning. He left on Thursday for a business trip. He was supposed to be home the next evening and then leave again Saturday around noon to go on a hunting trip to Texas with his parents. Well... while on his way home from the business trip, the jet's aviation system went out and Ammon got stuck in Chicago. They put him up in a hotel and instead of flying him to Greensboro and then getting a car to come back up to Mt. Airy, they flew him straight to Texas the next morning. This was good and bad. Good because Ammon got to skip out on an 18 hour car ride. Bad because we didn't get to see each other between trips. And since he didn't come home, I had to pack for his hunting trip and get that up to Will & Ginger's so they could bring it to Ammon. Ammon talked me through everything he needed and I was able to find it all (even though some of it was in the attic!) He got to Texas safely and his sister, Joni, was able to pick him up from the airport. Thanks Joni! He's spent the weekend with Joni and her family and it sounds like they're having a good time together! Ammon's parents got there early this morning and they leave to go on the hunting trip in the morning. I don't know much about the trip... I think it's in Oklahoma and I'm pretty sure they're hunting wild boar. Other than that, I'm pretty clueless. It sounds manly though! :)

Ammon- We miss you so much! Noah has been going around and saying, "Hi Dad!" to all of your pictures and then he gives you kisses. It is so sweet. We talk about you all day long and pray for you in all of our prayers. I hope you're having a good time with your family and that you're really enjoying the time off work. You deserve it! You're always working so hard for Noah and I (and baby too) and we appreciate you. Kisses to you from your family! We love you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Family

I have this on my facebook profile and I think it's so cute!

Good Idea!

Ammon and I could benefit from these pillowcases! Flip them over each night to change your status. Cute!

found via goodyblog

Friday, May 9, 2008

The best part of pregnancy is...

laying back and watching your belly "dance". Ü

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Day!

I want to post about my day because I had so much fun with my little family! This morning, Ammon got up with Noah (like he always does on Saturdays) but I couldn't really sleep in. I was going to go look at a house with my friend Shanna. I got up and got ready real quick, shared some Fruity Pebbles with Noah and left to look at the house. On my way home from that, I stopped at 2 yard sales and spent $2.50. I got a really cute pair of deck shoes for Noah. I also scored a really nice corkboard and a whiteboard. They are both framed nicely and have a little ledge on the bottom to keep your pen... I think I'll paint them to match either Noah's new room or our new kitchen. (whenever we find a house) I got home and my boys were happy and said they had a great morning playing with eachother. Noah immediately came up to me with a bubble wand that his daddy bought him and was saying, "buh-buhls, buh-buls". We played with bubbles for a long time. While Ammon was refinishing the stock of his gun, Noah and I went to play in his room for awhile. I love watching him play. It's so neat to actually see him learn new things. We ended up in our room playing on the bed. Ammon came in and we packed away our sweaters and hoodies and got all Ammon's shorts put up in the closet. We all sat on the bed and Noah took turns giving Ammon and I some love. I can't get over how good he's been all day today... Anyway, Noah told us "night night" so we put him down for his nap. Ammon requested some pancakes so I made those and we snuggled up on the LoveSac to watch LOST. It was a really good episode this past week! I decided to take a nap while Noah was still down. I went in my room, turned my fan on medium, situated all the pillows around me and fell asleep. I woke up in the exact same position 3 1/2 hours later!! This is HUGE! I really don't sleep anymore. I can never get comfortable and always have other things on my mind. It felt really great to get some rest. When I got up, Noah was awake and of course wanted me to blow more bubbles. This kid is a little obsessed. He loves to pop the big ones and gets frustrated if you only blow small ones. Ha. Anyway, we hung out for awhile and Ammon said he was really hungry. I said I would make him something or we could order Chinese. We decided Chinese sounded good so I called our usual place and got, "We're sorry. The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service." Well crap. Ammon suggested that we just walk down to the Chinese place to get some food. Noah climbed up in his stroller and off we went. I am starting the pregnant lady waddle which is oh so fun... I enjoyed the walk even though Ammon walks way too fast for my liking. He always has... We get to the Chinese place and they were closed for renovations. By this time we were all really hungry. Across the parking lot there was a Ruby Tuesdays so we decided to go in there. I loved being with my family. Noah was so well behaved. He usually just wants to run around and talk to people and he never likes to sit in his high chair. This time, he did great. He ate both lemons that came in our waters! He really likes them! He ate some food, colored a little bit and didn't fuss at all. I was so proud! The food was delicious. I had their broccoli cheese soup and the salad bar and Ammon got a burger and fries. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love these people that I was with. It was kinda overwhelming how happy I was just to be with both of them. After dinner, we walked back home, blew some more bubbles and played for a little bit. Ammon got Noah ready for bed and we watched a couple shows on the computer together. I wanted Noah to stay up and snuggle me a little longer but he said, "night night" so I felt like I should put him down for the night. He asked so nicely. I prepared my primary lesson for tomorrow, checked to see if any new houses have been listed and now I'm here. I don't really know what I'll do next... Maybe go to bed? It's 10:30. I could get a good night's sleep. Or maybe scrapbook? It's been awhile since I've done that. Maybe I'll call my mom. I haven't talked to her today. Not sure. Thanks for reading about my day. It wasn't anything really special or out of the ordinary but, it's the best day I've had in a long time. I really love my little family and I'm so glad that we get to be together forever.

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