Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rock Climbing

Well it looks like it is up to me again to let everyone know about some of the things going on. Poor Jessica is so busy being the best wife ever that she doesn't have time to post on here, which she loves to do. I'll try and help out, but it's kind of hard when she is better at most of the things she does than I am, including blogging.

Well here it goes...

We went rock climbing the other week up at Pilot Mountain. I have been wanting to get back into climbing and my sister Eva was wanting to pick it up. We decided to meet up and I'd show her how it's done. Of course, the boys loved the idea.

We started out by my testing the anchors and showing the boys how easy it is. Being a dad is the best, by the way.

Noah went first. I tied them a harness out of webbing and used a prusik cord for a chest strap. I didn't think they would have any trouble, but I wanted to be safe so they got the whole nine yards.

Noah, being our timid kid, needed a little encouraging but quickly started to pull up on his own. Of course, Griffin was ready from the word rock and couldn't wait for his turn.

Noah ended up going up pretty high. I was very proud of him and can't wait to get him back out on the crag.

Griffin is only 2 and has no fear. He couldn't wait for it to be his turn.

Griffin didn't quite get it but he was able to hold himself to the wall by himself. The better holds are a little reachy for a 4 and 2 year old. They did great though.

We spent a lot of time teaching and tying harnesses, but next time I'm sure they will get more time on the wall and progress faster. I'll scout out an easier climb for them.

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