Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A little bit addicted

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Wedding Album

Wedding Album
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these are some pictures taken on our wedding day. click play to see all the different pages.
♥ i love you ammon ♥

a visit from nana

so, my mom came to visit a couple days ago! she came on thursday afternoon and stayed until saturday afternoon. will, ginger, ammon and i all went to the raleigh temple on friday and mom watched noah all day. she said that he did great and i'm sure she had a great time too! it was so nice to have her here, especially during that time while i was away. i worry about noah when i'm not with him but i knew he was in good care and honestly i didn't worry at all. i was able to travel to the temple and focus on that. thanks mom!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i didn't go on this little adventure but, i heard that noah loved eating these blackberries. he rode down to the patch in the wagon with his cousin, kiera. ginger and ammon went with them and i was told that kiera was eating them by the handful and noah was eating them one by one. yummy!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dinner with Noah

noah has never liked to get his hands messy. he absolutely hates to be dirty but tonight, well tonight was different. he didn't want ammon to feed him with a fork so ammon put the plate down in front of him and let him go at it. he played and played with it and i don't think much of it got in his mouth but he sure had fun. and isn't that what being a kid is all about?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 months and it's time to PLAY!

Time to PLAY!
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this was a lot of fun to make... click on play and scroll through the 4 pages. on the second page, you can click on the smaller pictures to make them bigger.

Milk Cap

This milk cap has entertained Noah for days! He loves it! He carries it in his mouth when he's crawling from place to place or playing with something else. I look at him and am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for him. I want him to grow up knowing that his mom loves him and will always be there for him. I just said "him" a lot and I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. Oh well...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the cutest thing...

so, noah got this toy from his gigi. it is a really cool toy. it counts, and sings, and says words. anyways, sometimes when you push his ear he sings the "do your ears hang low" song. well, today ammon has been singing this song non-stop! and it is so adorable because in part of the song it says, "flip flop" in a really high voice and ammon does it like that every time! i've been trying not to make a big deal out of it because i don't want him to get self conscious and stop but i just had to share. thanks to noah for being a baby so we could get this toy and i could enjoy my husband even more. ♥

Baby Noah taking a bath

This was taken when Noah was 7 months old. He still loves his bath and loves to talk. Enjoy!

Sick Days and Journaling Woes

saturday night i did not sleep one wink. i just laid in bed and listened to ammon snore. he normally doesn't snore so this was not something that i was used to hearing. anyway, i could tell that i was coming down with something and by the time morning rolled around, i felt terrible. i got all ready for church and noah was ready too. i had prepared my lesson for young women and was actually excited to give it. as time went on and it was almost time for us to leave, i really felt like i just couldn't do it. i felt too terrible and my body was so exhausted. ammon went to sacrament meeting and talked with the missionaries and they said that they would cover everything. then he came back and took care of noah all day so that i could sleep. i slept a little bit sunday night but still not enough and when i woke up on monday, i felt even worse. ammon was pretty adamant that i take a decongestant. the pm kind that helps you sleep through the night. so i turned on a friends episode and ammon made me some ramen. i finished my ramen and the episode ended. i remember looking over at ammon while he was at the computer and i remember waking up abruptly and seeing ammon smile. he said that he had been watching me sleep for 4 minutes with my head turned and smashed up against the side of the rocking chair. whenever i take that medicine, it totally messes with me and knocks me out. i guess that's what it's supposed to do though, eh? he took me to my bed and started a fan so that i wouldn't hear noah talking to his toys or growling at the light fixtures and i slept hard. last night i was really starting to feel better and i was able to get some real sleep and today, i feel great! i'm so glad that ammon was home to take care of noah and let me get the rest that i needed. he is such a wonderful husband to me and i wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

i brought the laptop into my bedroom and i am going to keep it next to all of my scrapbooking stuff. i want to be able to scrapbook and the type up my journaling right there when i'm thinking about it and can see the dimensions i need the finished project to be. i've been working on noah's scrapbook lately and have a couple pages finished. last night i was working on noah's newborn page and i was typing up some journaling to put on that page. when i finished, i realized that the majority of the entry was about labor and how terrible it was. ammon said that i should probably just talk about his weight, length, time of birth and other things about noah. and then talk about my feelings towards him and good stuff like that. i guess he's right. i guess noah doesn't care to know how much i was dilated at certain times or how the stupid nurse wouldn't listen to me when i told her i had thin veins and she needed to use the smallest needle or it would burst. i'm not going to mention here about the other things i wrote... i guess i'll keep the graphic journaling to myself and put the "everything was so wonderful" one in his scrapbook. good idea?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

An Evening @ the Park

we went to the park tonight and noah did a lot of different things. he was too interested in all the other kids and the cars going by to smile much but we still got some good pictures. i figured this was the best way to post them since i had so many i wanted to put on here. anyway, noah went down the slide, sat in the swing, walked across the rope bridge and the shaky balance beam. he hung on the monkey bars, ate some wood chips and then some dinner. i loved being there with my little family. goodtimes...

Friday, July 6, 2007


Noah uttered his first REAL word yesterday! He is always babbling and will even mimic some of the noises that we make but yesterday, he said, "uh-oh!" I couldn't believe it! I would say it back to him and then he would say it again and again! Joni let me borrow her camera and I got a video clip of him doing it. I'll have to get the clip put on my computer and maybe I'll figure out how to post it on here... He has only said it once today but man, was it cute! I got a little teary-eyed yesterday when he was on a roll saying it. My little guy is growing up so fast. This is my favorite age yet and I'm a little sad that things are happening so quickly...

Speaking of uh-oh, I found Noah in the bathroom trying so hard to unravel the toilet paper. I snagged a picture and then snagged him before he made a huge mess. I guess we need to start baby-proofing the apartment now that he is all over the place and into everything.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Frog in the Bathtub!!

hooray for this frog! it is an early birthday present for noah from his aunt joni, uncle kevin, and cousins, lathen and kiera. noah has bath toys that had no place to go once the bath was done. i had seen this frog online and was wanting it so badly for our bathtub. the body stays on the wall with a convenient shelf for noah's shampoo, body wash and baby oil. the back of the frog comes off and holds all of his toys inside! so when the bath is over, all you have to do is scoop up the toys, rinse them under the water, and hang the scoop back up! thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful gift! maybe i should give him a name?

Noah @ the Creek

Yesterday we went up to Will and Ginger's so that Ginger could help me sew some curtains for our living room. They got me an awesome sewing machine for my birthday last year and I haven't really made anything with it. I guess I was a little intimidated because I had never sewn anything by myself before. I have helped my mom sew before but never just tackled a project on my own. I'm really grateful that she was willing to help me make these curtains. Right now we just have mini blinds on our windows and I really think that these curtains will give our apartment a homey feel. I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished project!

Anyway, while we were there, we walked down to the creek and let Noah play for a little bit. The water was really cold but he enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from this little adventure.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

push play for a good time!

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Crawling Machine

i was trying to catch a picture of noah while he was crawling. he crawls so fast now that by the time i got the camera in focus, this was the only shot i could get. i decided that i really liked it and did a little photo editing on it.

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