Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun in the Yard

one of noah's favorite things to do is sit on our porch swing and watch the cars go by. i really think that he could sit and do that all day. it is on that porch swing that i get most of my snuggles from noah and we get to just talk about life. we go out there when it's light and when it's dark. when it's hot, and when it's cold. we even go out there in the rain.

last night we went out to the porch swing and noah was acting like he wanted to get down. i let him play in the grass awhile and i snapped a few pictures. i love this one of noah. i think it makes him look chubby... Ü

we have a couple different blooms around our small yard and i thought they were beautiful. i'm not sure what type of flower the purple one is but, i really enjoy looking at it.

i was told that the white flower is a gardenia... it smells yummy! if i remember correctly, i think the gardenia is my grandma's favorite flower.

oh! my mom has a blog! she is an excellent writer and loves to write down her thoughts so i kept nudging until she finally made one! i know that she will love it and i look forward to reading it. it will make me feel closer to her. like i was part of her day. now we just need to get the rest of the family on here!


These are some pictures from Noah's bath last night. He absolutely loves to splash! He has always loved to splash but he's getting so big and strong that his little baby splashes aren't so little anymore. I had to soak up all the water off the floor when he was finally finished. I love this little man and I am really enjoying this stage of his life.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


now that noah is crawling and pulling up, he loves to explore! ammon and i had this package of water under the table and this morning, noah just wanted to play and play with it. at first he stepped into it and by the time i grabbed the camera, this is what he was doing with it.

Happy Birthday to TOBY!!

yesterday was toby's 1st birthday!! toby and his parents are living in georgia and we weren't able to come to the party. :-( i haven't even heard details yet but michelle sent me some pictures that i thought i would post. i love this nephew of mine and can't wait to see him again. isn't he adorable?!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

good stuff

these pictures were taken up at will and ginger's. they bought a small plastic pool and noah enjoyed standing in it. he stayed his happy self until he dropped to his knees. after that, he was done for the day. he then played with his car on the trampoline. i made this photo grid with picasa and it kinda chopped his head off in some of the pictures. i really liked the idea though so, i'm not letting that bother me.


these are some random photos that i pulled from my facebook account. enjoy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

oh to be a 3 year old

i took these pictures of my nephew, lathen, this past weekend. he is 3 years old and was having so much fun doing different things with the water hose.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to MEGAN!

today is megan's 18th birthday! my little sister is 18... i can hardly believe it! i am 4 years older than her and i feel like i am only 18. this is weird. our birthdays are 5 days apart and we usually get to have a combined family party but not this year. i am in north carolina and she is in virginia. she'll be heading out to school this fall and i can't believe that she is old enough to be in college. she is so funny and such a nice person, i know she'll do great things with her life. i love you meg!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

yesterday was my 22nd birthday! birthdays are strange as you get older. i remember being younger and planning my themed birthday party and spending the whole day with my family and friends. there was cake and presents and singing and everything was about me! now, i'm older and still have responsibilities that can't be dropped just because it's my bday. yesterday i woke up and went to the gym. it was supposed to be a pilates class but the instructor couldn't come so another guy, bradley filled in. we didn't do pilates, that's for sure. we used weights, stability ball, weight bar, and medicine balls. he worked me hard and i am definitely feeling it today. after the gym, i returned some movies to blockbuster and came home to watch noah while ammon went to the missionaries' apartment for a meeting. after the meeting, shanna, lisa, and joni all took me out to lunch at chile verde! it was so sweet of them to take me out and i had a great time. and the food was so yummy! i always get the beef chimichanga and boy oh boy, it was delicious! joni got me a new cartridge for my cricut and some pre-cut cardstock!! what a gift! i love it and cannot wait to use it today. seriously... so sweet of her. after lunch, ammon and i hung out for a little while at the apartment and then i took a nap. my body was exhausted after my hard workout. later, ammon went to work. i was going to go with him but, noah was teething all day yesterday and was a total grouch. i decided i didn't want to fight him the whole time we were gone so, we stayed home. noah has 6 teeth now and 3 more are about to pop through! he's growing up so fast! after ammon got home, i did a little research on the computer and then went to bed. i loved getting phonecalls throughout the day from my family and getting birthday wishes on my facebook. grandpa hebdon called and sang to me like he does every year. it's not my birthday until grandpa calls. since ammon and i were busy yesterday, he planned a trip up to pilot mountain today. he wanted us to go up there and have a picnic which is going to be so fun. i hope we still go... ammon woke up in the middle of the night not feeling very well and he's actually still in bed trying to sleep it off. i hope he feels better soon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

100 things about me!

1- i was born on june 19th, 1985
2- i was born in columbus ohio and lived in various places there until i was 15
3- i was married on july 16, 2005
4- i thoroughly enjoy acoustic music
5- i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints
6- i gave birth to my son, noah on september 8, 2006
7- i don't like to pick "favorites" because it makes me feel trapped
8- i love photographing noah
9- i am a professional sleeper
10- i attended svu for one year
11- i love to scrapbook
12- when i do scrapbook, i am a complete perfectionist!
13- i'm learning to cook and getting pretty good at it
14- i teach the mia maids at church (14-15 year old girls)
15- i want to highlight my hair but don't want to keep the maintainance up on it
16- since being married, i have grown to like chocolate
17- piano music inspires me
18- that being said, i took piano lessons when i was 17
19- i love "reef" flip flops and will always own a pair
20- being in the ocean scares me a little
21- i could watch ammon play with noah all day and not get bored
22- my freckles come out in the sunshine
23- i get carsick on windy roads
24- since being married, ammon and i have read at least 1 chapter out of the Book of Mormon together everyday
25- i love my savior and know that i can live with him again someday
26- the music of norah jones soothes me
27- if my house is messy, i get stressed
28- i clean when i get upset
29- i enjoy practicing yoga and pilates but don't do it enough...
30- i never spend money on myself
31- i could spend A LOT of money on noah
32- i want to own my own house and a little bit of land
33- in this house, i want a whole room devoted to my photography and scrapbooking
34- if i have a girl, i think i want her name to be sadie
35- i own all 10 seasons of friends and watch them constantly
36- i love game shows
37- i love to shop at thrift stores
38- and at yard sales
39- i always have really good intentions but don't always follow through
40- i enjoy taking care of my family
41- i've had my puppy, shammie for 12 years. she stays with my parents
42- while i was growing up, i couldn't cry (unless i was in pain)
43- now that i'm a little older, i cry at most anything sentimental (and i still cry when in pain)
44- i'm a wuss. the smallest thing hurts me
45- i like to be reassured that i did something good
46- little things make me happy
47- i want to learn how to sew
48- i think i am really funny and laugh at my own jokes
49- when in pain, i do this half laugh, half cry thing. ammon laughs while trying to console me.
50- spring is my favorite season
51- i would never turn popcorn down if offered it. it's so yummy!
52- i'm a terrible liar
53- i love my parents
54- my favorite gifts from ammon are the poems he writes me
55- i try to be a good friend
56- i enjoy talking on the phone. especially to family.
57- i enjoy being surprised but always seem to ruin all my surprises
58- i've never been out of the united states
59- i would love to travel with ammon
60- i would tour europe first
61- i really like the color of my eyes. very blue
62- i am constantly told that i look young for my age
63- i am also told that i act older than my age
64- i always thought i wanted twins but, after having one, i don't
65- i sleep better on freshly washed sheets
66- i am a belly-sleeper and always have been
67- when folding laundry, i have a strange habit of smelling every piece of clothing. i love the smell!
68- i love to camp
69- i love the way mountains look on a clear day
70- i am extremely indecisive
71- i am a people pleaser
72- i have a freckle on my "pointer" toe. i like it
73- i don't like to eat red meat. i'm a chicken kind of girl.
74- i worked at a dental office for... 4 years? maybe 3?
75- i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters
76- i have never smoked, drank, done drugs and i've never had the desire to
77- i enjoy making wish lists just because
78- i don't like to open my front door unless i've seen who's out there
79- i go through home decorating magazines and tear out anything i want in my dream home. i have a 3-ring notebook that i keep them all in
80- i wish i had lots of money to help those i love
81- i like the smell of gasoline
82- i regret quitting gymnastics when i was younger
83- i've never been to disneyland or disneyworld
84- i have trouble leaving noah in someone else's care
85- i am scared of losing noah... mothers shouldn't have to go through life without their babies
86- i'm beginning to feel like i could have another baby
87- i drink a lot of skim milk. 1 gallon a week
88- i hate having two sounds going at the same time. tv and music... nonono. or if ammon and i are both on our computers each doing something with sound. it drives me nuts!
89- i am constantly on trying to find new recipes
90- i always kiss noah on the forehead and whisper, "i love you" when putting him in his bed
91- i use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets in every load
92- i met my best friend when i was 8 years old. she is still my best friend and is getting married next month!
93- i google at least 10 things everyday
94- when i grow old, i want silver hair
95- i am a people watcher
96- i find it amusing to watch other people get hurt... that's terrible!
97- i can stand on my head
98- i've never had braces
99- i love having fresh flowers in my home
100- i have enjoyed doing this and will probably add to the list a little later

Thursday, June 14, 2007

time to blog

i cannot believe that the last time i posted was back in january! noah is growing up so fast! he is 9 months old now and has mastered crawling. he is pulling up on things and i think he would walk forever (with assistance) if we would let him. he walked so much this past weekend that he had baby blisters on his feet! aww... he has become such an awesome sleeper! ammon and i have stopped rocking him to sleep and have taught him to put himself to sleep. while i really miss rocking him all the time, this has really helped us and it has helped noah a lot too. he has been sleeping about 10-12 hours every night and naps like a champ! seriously... he sleeps a lot but is such a happy energetic baby that i try not to worry about it. he is still loving his baby food and occasionally he'll enjoy what ammon and i eat for dinner. he loves my chicken pie and this creamy chicken stuff that i put over fettuccine. oh, and we can add graham and ritz crackers to his list of favorites. he is getting to be so fun and playful and ammon and i are in heaven. i am so blessed to be his mom.

i got an ipod for my birthday! my in laws, will and ginger, got it for me and i love it! it is black and has 8g of memory and stores 2,000 songs! i've been listening to it all the time since i got it. i listen to it in the car, at the gym, and even at home. ammon laughs because i choose to listen to my ipod instead of pumping the same music through the surround sound. what can i say? i'm in love. many many thanks to will and ginger!

MOVIE REVIEW: Because I Said So
don't see this one! it was terrible. so raunchy and disgusting. we watched it last night with the huff's and there were many moments when i thought we should turn it off but i didn't. just sat there and let the filth pour into my home. i think we all felt this way. not only was the movie raunchy, the story line was no good. so if you want my opinion, don't see it!

my little sister, megan, graduated from high school this past weekend! with a 4.0 gpa!! way to go megs! my whole family got together for the occasion (except laurie's husband jeremy) and it was so great to see everyone! my grandparents, great aunt, aunt, and cousin all came too! it was a full house but we sure did have fun. megan is headed to byu provo this fall and i think she's going to have a blast out there. she is such a fun girl... i love her.

The sisters...

i took this awesome picture!

the fam

noah with his great grandma keller

noah with his great grandpa keller

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