Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun in the Yard

one of noah's favorite things to do is sit on our porch swing and watch the cars go by. i really think that he could sit and do that all day. it is on that porch swing that i get most of my snuggles from noah and we get to just talk about life. we go out there when it's light and when it's dark. when it's hot, and when it's cold. we even go out there in the rain.

last night we went out to the porch swing and noah was acting like he wanted to get down. i let him play in the grass awhile and i snapped a few pictures. i love this one of noah. i think it makes him look chubby... Ü

we have a couple different blooms around our small yard and i thought they were beautiful. i'm not sure what type of flower the purple one is but, i really enjoy looking at it.

i was told that the white flower is a gardenia... it smells yummy! if i remember correctly, i think the gardenia is my grandma's favorite flower.

oh! my mom has a blog! she is an excellent writer and loves to write down her thoughts so i kept nudging until she finally made one! i know that she will love it and i look forward to reading it. it will make me feel closer to her. like i was part of her day. now we just need to get the rest of the family on here!

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dubby said...

You need to submit these pictures to an agency. This kid is uncommonly cute.

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