Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sick Days and Journaling Woes

saturday night i did not sleep one wink. i just laid in bed and listened to ammon snore. he normally doesn't snore so this was not something that i was used to hearing. anyway, i could tell that i was coming down with something and by the time morning rolled around, i felt terrible. i got all ready for church and noah was ready too. i had prepared my lesson for young women and was actually excited to give it. as time went on and it was almost time for us to leave, i really felt like i just couldn't do it. i felt too terrible and my body was so exhausted. ammon went to sacrament meeting and talked with the missionaries and they said that they would cover everything. then he came back and took care of noah all day so that i could sleep. i slept a little bit sunday night but still not enough and when i woke up on monday, i felt even worse. ammon was pretty adamant that i take a decongestant. the pm kind that helps you sleep through the night. so i turned on a friends episode and ammon made me some ramen. i finished my ramen and the episode ended. i remember looking over at ammon while he was at the computer and i remember waking up abruptly and seeing ammon smile. he said that he had been watching me sleep for 4 minutes with my head turned and smashed up against the side of the rocking chair. whenever i take that medicine, it totally messes with me and knocks me out. i guess that's what it's supposed to do though, eh? he took me to my bed and started a fan so that i wouldn't hear noah talking to his toys or growling at the light fixtures and i slept hard. last night i was really starting to feel better and i was able to get some real sleep and today, i feel great! i'm so glad that ammon was home to take care of noah and let me get the rest that i needed. he is such a wonderful husband to me and i wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

i brought the laptop into my bedroom and i am going to keep it next to all of my scrapbooking stuff. i want to be able to scrapbook and the type up my journaling right there when i'm thinking about it and can see the dimensions i need the finished project to be. i've been working on noah's scrapbook lately and have a couple pages finished. last night i was working on noah's newborn page and i was typing up some journaling to put on that page. when i finished, i realized that the majority of the entry was about labor and how terrible it was. ammon said that i should probably just talk about his weight, length, time of birth and other things about noah. and then talk about my feelings towards him and good stuff like that. i guess he's right. i guess noah doesn't care to know how much i was dilated at certain times or how the stupid nurse wouldn't listen to me when i told her i had thin veins and she needed to use the smallest needle or it would burst. i'm not going to mention here about the other things i wrote... i guess i'll keep the graphic journaling to myself and put the "everything was so wonderful" one in his scrapbook. good idea?

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Stephanie Jette said...

Jess you are beautiful. I don't know if you remember me I'm Jette. I remember when you were little. Your son looks just like you. He is adorable!!! Handsome husband as well. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Queen Karana said...

Hey Jess -
While my vote may not count very much, I'd put in everything. Maybe you can put a letter in a pocket that contains "Noah's Birth Story" so it's not just out there, or trifold it on the page, so you have to open it to read it. I dunno - I think it's a part of the history, so I'd want it in there.

I'd totally include the good things too - you can't leave that stuff out! But maybe there's a way you can discreetly include "the whole story".

Bottom line though, it's your scrapbook - include what you are comfortable with.

I know some people who completed several pages dedicated to 9/11 - a tribute, a documentation - it was a part of history and they wanted to include it as it was one of those things that seemed to affect everyone in some way. But I know others who refuse to even mention it in their scrapbooks because it is so awful. Either way works - it's whatever people are comfortable with.

All the best - good luck with your adventures in scrapbooking!

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