Friday, July 6, 2007


Noah uttered his first REAL word yesterday! He is always babbling and will even mimic some of the noises that we make but yesterday, he said, "uh-oh!" I couldn't believe it! I would say it back to him and then he would say it again and again! Joni let me borrow her camera and I got a video clip of him doing it. I'll have to get the clip put on my computer and maybe I'll figure out how to post it on here... He has only said it once today but man, was it cute! I got a little teary-eyed yesterday when he was on a roll saying it. My little guy is growing up so fast. This is my favorite age yet and I'm a little sad that things are happening so quickly...

Speaking of uh-oh, I found Noah in the bathroom trying so hard to unravel the toilet paper. I snagged a picture and then snagged him before he made a huge mess. I guess we need to start baby-proofing the apartment now that he is all over the place and into everything.

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dubby said...

He is getting into stuff? Uh-oh!

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