Monday, August 13, 2007

The Tissue Incident

so, noah has had a runny nose the past few days but, it hasn't really bothered him until today. poor thing had a slight fever and seemed to be more clumsy than usual today. this evening, i could tell he really wasn't feeling well so, i got his pacifier and blanket out of his bed and let him have those. (he normally only gets those when he's in his crib) anyway, i was playing with him and noticed that he needed a tissue. ammon brought us the tissue box and i took one out, cleaned noah up and then we went back to playing. he seemed to be happy so, i let him play by himself and i went to check something on the computer. a few minutes later, ammon and i hear something and we turn around to find noah surrounded by tissues and pulling more and more out of the box. i snapped some pictures and took the box away and then he started to pick up the tissues and tear them into shreds. truth be told, there is still a huge mess of tissues on my living room floor.

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Diane said...

These series of pictures are precious. I love the last one, where he is almost laughing behind his pacifier. It's like he's saying, "See Mom...I knew you wouldn't get mad....this is FUN!!!!!!"
What a great way to use a box of tissues. I'm bringing him one the next time I come. And...I think the cousins talked about getting into stuff yesterday. Have you seen Michelle's blog?

dubby said...

I was watching kids from church and had just bought a Costco container of 12 boxes one day! Talk about a mess! I say, never give a kid more than you willing to clean (Fun pictures as always)

Michelle said...

That looks like it would be so much fun to help him make that mess! I love his makes his pretty blues stand out.

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