Saturday, September 1, 2007

6 Additions to the Family

the huff's are moving and asked us if we wanted their fish tank. noah liked looking at them over at their house so, we said sure. we got it all set up and noah has learned how to say "fish". we have 6 fish but, i'm not sure how long we'll have all of them. see, noah likes to smack the glass and it stresses these poor little fish out. i really think he might give them little fish heart attacks.

i put some scrapbooking paper behind it to make it look cool.

2 friends stopped by:

Queen Karana said...

My husband has been talking about getting some fish. Your tank looks great -- good idea with the scrapbook paper.

Diane said...

Yes, Jess...I agree with Karen...the scrapbook paper is an awesome idea. I bet Noah is fascinated with them! ( can change the paper for the seasons...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby Paper when you get a new paper when one food paper just to freak them out....the possibilities are endless! just kidding.)

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