Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Noah Emerson

i cannot believe that my baby is 1!

at 1 year these are the things he's saying: uh oh, light, mom, dad, hot, fish, duck, boat

these are some things he's doing: claps when you say, "yay", waves bye-bye, knows where every power button to all of dad's toys are, takes 2-3 steps at a time, gives you "five", brushes his own teeth (all 8 of them), entertains himself for a long time with books, knows what i'm saying but likes to test the boundaries, opens the drawer in the kitchen to take every single straw out (everyday), if you say, "tickle tickle", he'll start tickling you... so cute! he sings with me cuddles up to me around bedtime.

things he loves to eat: ramen, cheese, chicken, applesauce, green beans (still baby food kind), and of course, chocolate! he is definitely his father's child...

i love him more and more all the time and sometimes i really think i might burst!

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Diane said...

I love love love this post. Takes me back to all my little ones...and how I felt when they were Noah's age. Yes, just about bursting describes it well. A love you never knew was inside you. It took my breath away each and every time with each one of you.
I love you and Noah is so blessed to have you as his Mommy.

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