Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Baby

This is what I get to look at all day long. Isn't he adorable?!

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Diane said...

I knew he was cute...but he has changed SOOO much!!
What a handsome, perfect little guy!
He looks like you as a baby in the fourth picture down, I think.
I am the most blessed grandma in the entire world. I mean it!
His eyes definitely look like yours did.
I need you and Michelle to just drop those little ones off at my house and let me love on them awhile. ok?
Amazing pictures, Jess.

p.s. how much does he weigh now?

Diane said...

ok...LOVE the feet picture. And..the last one...the beginning of a yawn?
Another one where he looks like you is the next to last one.
If he keeps growing like this...he's gonna be able to take Noah down pretty soon! Noah better keep on "flexing"! :)

Michelle said...

What a looker! I can't wait to meet him and give him some snuggles! See you in a few weeks. Cotton Pickin' Fair, baby!

Joni said...


into the mystic... said...

Griffin! you adorable lil booger :) xoxoxo snuggles and kisses from aunt beth - you def have some mommy-features :)

Armstrong Family said...

He's perfect!! I hope I get a boy next.~mandy

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