Friday, September 12, 2008

Noah Turns 2!

Noah's birthday was on Monday. I cannot believe how old my baby is getting. We decided to have a small party for him here at the house. Will and Ginger came as well as our friends, Craig, Lisa and Peyton.

Noah LOVES trains. This is our attempt at a train cake. The bags in the background are goodie bags for the kids.

The menu:
Pigs in a blanket
Watermelon and Cantaloupe
Lemon Water Punch
Chips and Dip
Train Cake!

This was while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him. Cute!

Blowing out the candles with a little help from Peyton. (sidenote: Noah has learned how to light matches! Seriously, I was downstairs and I noticed that Noah had walked into the room but didn't really pay any attention to him. Next thing I know, I see a flame! Not cool man.)

Aunt Joni and Uncle Kevin got Noah this awesome bubble machine! (also a WAY cool truck)

A fish backpack from Mom and Dad.

He was super excited about all his gifts. Here he is opening a truck from Peyton.

Gigi and Pap got him a remote control car!

Trying to be patient while Dad gets it out of the box.

Nana made Noah this blanket which he LOVES. He carries it around the house and then spreads it out to play on it.

They also got him this really cool train set. Choo Choo!

Griffin thoroughly enjoyed the party.

Little Peyton adores babies. It is so cute to watch him want to hold and touch Griffin.

We had a great time celebrating our little man. He is such a joy to our family. I am so grateful to be his Mama. I love you forever, Noah!

4 friends stopped by:

Craignlisa said...

We had a fun time at Noah's party. Thanks for including us. Sorry if we stayed to long. Only when we were in the car did I realize how late it was. Anyways thanks again, it was fun!

Joni said...

They grow so fast...
I love your "attempt" at a train cake!
Noah is adorable!
Happy Birthday little man! :)

Jamie J Stansfield said...

so cute! Can't beleive we have 2 year olds and babies! oh and congrats on the smiles! they make life sooo much better! And i lOVE the train cake! very creative!

Heather O'Pry said...

What a cute cake, ya'll did a great job! Griffin is beautiful.

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