Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm allowed to complain, right?

Right now, Griffin is sitting next to me in the highchair.  I am looking out the window waiting for the love of my life to pull up in the driveway.  Noah is out with Gigi and Pap.  I think they went to the park for awhile.  Today has been a tough day.  Ammon and I have been sick for a week now and it's getting really old...  We keep telling ourselves that we're getting better only to wake up the next morning feeling just as lame as the day before.  Griffin caught our cold Saturday night and has been struggling to sleep and breathe.  Noah, thank goodness, hasn't gotten the cold yet.  We've been praying for it to skip him.  This morning, he kept telling me that his shirt was hurting him.  He would point to his neck and I figured the tag was bothering him.  4 shirts later, I thought it had to be something else... We went to Kindermusik.  Noah screamed the whole way there saying he was hurt.  I could not figure it out.  He sat for most of Kindermusik and didn't participate like usual.  When we left there were more tears and more "hurting".  When we got home, I had had enough whining and put Noah down for an early nap.  He continued to say that his shirt was hurting so I let him nap in socks and a diaper.  30 minutes later, he is screaming in his bed.  I went in to try and comfort him but, it wasn't working.  I took his temperature.  No fever... Griffin was napping by this point so I offered to hold Noah and he jumped at the chance to have me all to himself.  We sat on my bed and watched tv shows on the laptop.  More whining.  I tried to pinpoit exactly where it hurt and finally figured out that he somehow strained his neck.  He couldn't move his head to the right at all.   I put him in the bath, as a distraction and made a few phonecalls.  Griffin woke up. He's still sick so all he wants is to be held.  Exersaucers and jumpers are not helpful.  I fed Griffin while Noah was in the bath and then Noah wanted out and fed.  I got him out and dressed and gave him a banana and 2 pieces of bread (his request).  I made a couple more phonecalls.  Ammon.  Chiropractor.  Pediatrician.  Ammon again.  (Ammon just walked in.  He leaned in for a kiss and sparks flew.  Literally.  Ouch!!  Have you ever gotten shocked on the lip?  Not cool.)  Anyway, Noah started to play in the living room.  He seemed happy and wasn't complaining about his neck.  Gigi called and wanted to play with Noah.  I decided to hold off taking Noah in to the doctor until tomorrow.  He seemed like he was getting better and really wanted to play with Gigi and Pap.  They picked Noah up and took him to the park and to the grocery store.  I am so grateful.  I haven't slept in about a week now and I feel like I have been growing impatient with Noah today.  I know he had so much fun with them.  Being a mom can be so trying sometimes.  I'm grateful I have the support of family and friends.

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Diane said...

When I called you at noon, you sounded so worried, and Noah sounded like he felt AWFUL! I'm glad the bath helped a little. I worried about that little guy all afternoon and was SOOOO happy to hear he was doing better when I called after work. I miss him, and Griffin and you and Ammon. I'm so proud of what a good momma you are. It's the toughest job in the world. (but the "pay" is the absolute best)

Mommydew said...

Lathen's done that a few times. Once after driving on a long trip both kids woke up crying about their necks hurting. It's hard when they hurt and you can't fix it, but they think you should (mom fixes everything right?)
I'm sorry you have been sick. And yes you are totally allowed to complain! We'll be praying that everyone gets well fast!

Stephen and Heather O'Pry said...

Being a mom is the hardest job, but most rewarding. It is always harder when we do not feel good. We have all been sick down here so I know exactly where you are coming from. I wish you all well SOON!

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