Monday, April 6, 2009

I am currently enrolled in a photography course that I'm really enjoying.  This is only my second week but I've learned so much.  Yesterday, while up at the farm, Noah wanted to play in the creek and I took the opportunity to become more familiar with my camera.  I played with all sorts of different settings and by the end, took WAY too many pictures.  Here are some that I like.

This was cute.  Gigi showed Noah a worm and Noah became very attached.  He was fascinated with this little guy.

"Look Mom.  A worm!"

The exposure on this one is kinda crazy but it captures such a sweet moment.  Noah put the worm up to his cheek and said in the sweetest little voice, "I love it."  He continued on to tell us that "the worm is cute".  :)

"The worm is swimming!!"

He's signing "worm" in this one...

I love these 2 so much.  They make my heart dance a little jig.

Again with the weird exposure but look at the puddle in the lower right corner.  See the reflection?

This blog is sure to become quite colorful in the weeks to come.  I've been practicing on my camera and some of the moments I have captured are too great not to share.  

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dubby said...

How adorable! I never saw a child love worms so much!

Ammon said...
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Ammon said...

That's our son, the little worm whisperer.

The Couey's said...

wow! i love these pics! my FAVORITE is the last one. was it taken like that or did you do it in photoshop? i may just have to take this class. i'm super jealous. they turned out GREAT!

I can't believe how much noah loved that worm maybe you should get him a pet goldfish or something...

jubilant jess Ü said...

Hey Alex! This picture was taken that way. I actually wish it wasn't so bright but, I love the artistic feel to it. And that reflection is pretty sweet too. I'm glad you're enjoying my pictures. :)

Diane said...

I love it, ammon. the worm whisperer.
amazing pics. amazing boy.
....and I'm guessing a pretty amazing worm, too.

(and I thought I commented on this before...but my comment is missing, so I'm doing it again)

gingerpiatt said...

Will and I had a GREAT DAY thanks Jess, Ammon, Noah, Griffin!

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