Wednesday, July 29, 2009

little things

I've been reading through some older posts on this blog and found that I really enjoyed reading the posts that didn't have a specific topic. The posts where I talked about our daily lives. I'd like to get back to that a little. Here are some things that have happened in the past week(ish).

  • Noah slept in 'til noon yesterday!!
  • We went to the library as a family and had a lot of fun.
  • Ammon taught me how to play chess and has been amazed by my awesomeness. We've been playing every night after the kids go to sleep.
  • I have 5 laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes that I need to put away.
  • Griffin slept through the night last night.
  • Our dinners are mostly made up of garden vegetables.
  • My favorite snack is a grilled zucchini. I eat at least 1 everyday.
  • We went to the temple on Saturday.
  • I am teaching Noah what sounds the letters make. So far he knows g, h, o, and e.
  • I've been working with Photoshop and I'm really learning a lot.
  • My car got hit while Noah and I were at a yard sale. Noah kept telling the guy, "You hit my car. You hit my car."

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Michelle said...

This was fun to read, Jess. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer. Let's plan a weekend SOON!

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