Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living the Busy Life

Life never stops at our house and I know Jessica wants to blog more but just doesn't have time. I thought I would toss a few pictures up here just to keep things going and let everyone know we are doing great.

I'm so glad I married someone that makes me look good. It would be a sad sight if Jessica wasn't in these pictures.

Here is a picture of Griffin. He has to be the funniest kid ever. He is always saying the funniest things and his voice is the cutest.

This next picture I like because Noah and Griffin are becoming such good friends. They have started to play well together and really get along. Part of the reason behind this is that they share a room. This gives them plenty of time to build a relationship. It is also nice when they can share a bed when visiting family like in this picture.

Well I hope things will settle down now that the holidays are over and Jessica can get back to this blog stuff. She is way better at it than me.


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