Friday, April 6, 2012

easter egg dyeing - take 1

Ammon had the day off work since today is Good Friday.  We spent most of the day at His House of Bounce (a large gym filled with bouncy playthings).  The boys had a great time and when we got home, we decided to dye our Easter eggs.  Noah and Griffin LOVE doing this and ask if we can dye eggs year round.  Our favorite way to decorate them is to color on them with crayons first, and then dye them.
Griffin was SO EXCITED to get started.  He could barely stand it.
Noah didn’t need (or want) any help this year.  He wrote, colored, dipped, and dyed all by himself.  I love his sense of style… He’s been wearing that CTR ring and pink and purple slap bracelet for days now.  :) 
Griffin enjoyed having Daddy help him.
Noah’s favorite colored dye was the blue.  He made so many AWESOME eggs.
Here’s one that says, “I *heart* U”.  He later gave that one to me… such a sweetheart.
And this one has hearts drawn all the way around it.  He gave that one to Ammon.
Griffin made this one with a big blue heart on it. (with some assistance)  He was very proud.
I did not tell them to pose like this… They both made the exact same face without knowing it.
Daddy was helping me out and trying to make them smile.
We’re done!
I’m the only one who eats hard boiled eggs in our family… I wonder how long it will take me to eat 2 dozen.

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Sunshine Girl said...

Easter eggs look great, love your blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks Kabri... Likewise! :)

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