Friday, August 16, 2013

Griffin is 5!!

I can’t believe that baby of mine turned 5!  The weekend before Griffin’s birthday, Gigi and Pap stayed with us in our home.  It was a lot of fun having them here with us.  On Saturday, we went to the Speedpark to celebrate!  The boys played miniature golf and then, Griffin and Ammon went for a ride in the go-karts.


Noah was nervous and didn’t want to ride, so he stayed with Gigi to watch.


Griffin had so much fun on the go-kart and after a couple times around the track…


he let go of the steering wheel long enough to wave to me for a second.


He’s lucky to have such a fun dad!


After the go-karts, Griffin requested ice cream from Cold Stone.  He got dark chocolate ice cream with… peanut butter mixed in, I think.


Saturday evening, I started working on his cake.  He really wanted a cake that looked like Link’s shield from The Legend of Zelda.  I’ve never played the game and I know nothing about Link.  Gigi brought some supplies that I would need and I headed off into the unknown world of cake decorating.

I guess that’s not entirely true.  Gigi and I have made several cakes and cupcakes together.  This is the first one I did all by myself.


Griffin loved it!


Then it was time to open presents!


He was so excited when he opened this one!  He know exactly what it was.


A twilight turtle!  It projects actual constellations onto his walls and ceiling.  It has 3 different color options and he’s been wanting one ever since his cousin, Tate got something similar for his birthday.




Griffin is my artistic child.  His favorite thing to do is write letters, draw pictures, color, paint and create things.  Gigi and Pap got him several art supplies and the kid could not have been happier!


Remember spirographs?  It’s been so fun playing with one of those again.

That was the end of birthday celebrations 1 and 2.  3 days later it was his actual birthday.  We went to Cold Stone again.  That kid can eat some dark chocolate ice cream!  We also had some presents from Ammon and I.  We gave him a real sword (for display purposes), a stack of really cool books that he LOVES, a new board game and a coupon good for $20 to spend at the Renaissance Festival.  After presents and his favorite dinner, cheese pizza lunchable, we went to karate and then to Ammon’s soccer game.


I know I’ve said it several times before, but watching Ammon play soccer is one of my favorite things to do.  He doesn’t love playing goalie, but he’s so good at it!  Here he is making one of many saves for his team.  GO AMMON!


It was unseasonably cool that evening and the boys really enjoyed playing between the fields.


They kicked a ball around.


Did cartwheels.


And handstands.


And then they wrestled for a LONG time.  They are so good with each other.  They wrestle well, but are not too rough.  Their goal is to play nicely, not to hurt one another.  I really lucked out having 2 boys that are best friends.



We had a wonderful day celebrating our beautiful baby boy.  It’s hard for me to describe Griffin in words.  His personality is so complex.  He is loving, kind, and thoughtful.  He is a great sharer and will give away anything of his if he thinks it will make someone else happy.  He is strong willed and when he channels that energy in a positive way, he is unbelievably good.  He loves with his whole body.  He very much enjoys physical touch and uses touch as a way to express his love.  He is an amazing little boy and although he exhausts me, I am grateful everyday for my Griffin.

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