Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

yesterday was my 22nd birthday! birthdays are strange as you get older. i remember being younger and planning my themed birthday party and spending the whole day with my family and friends. there was cake and presents and singing and everything was about me! now, i'm older and still have responsibilities that can't be dropped just because it's my bday. yesterday i woke up and went to the gym. it was supposed to be a pilates class but the instructor couldn't come so another guy, bradley filled in. we didn't do pilates, that's for sure. we used weights, stability ball, weight bar, and medicine balls. he worked me hard and i am definitely feeling it today. after the gym, i returned some movies to blockbuster and came home to watch noah while ammon went to the missionaries' apartment for a meeting. after the meeting, shanna, lisa, and joni all took me out to lunch at chile verde! it was so sweet of them to take me out and i had a great time. and the food was so yummy! i always get the beef chimichanga and boy oh boy, it was delicious! joni got me a new cartridge for my cricut and some pre-cut cardstock!! what a gift! i love it and cannot wait to use it today. seriously... so sweet of her. after lunch, ammon and i hung out for a little while at the apartment and then i took a nap. my body was exhausted after my hard workout. later, ammon went to work. i was going to go with him but, noah was teething all day yesterday and was a total grouch. i decided i didn't want to fight him the whole time we were gone so, we stayed home. noah has 6 teeth now and 3 more are about to pop through! he's growing up so fast! after ammon got home, i did a little research on the computer and then went to bed. i loved getting phonecalls throughout the day from my family and getting birthday wishes on my facebook. grandpa hebdon called and sang to me like he does every year. it's not my birthday until grandpa calls. since ammon and i were busy yesterday, he planned a trip up to pilot mountain today. he wanted us to go up there and have a picnic which is going to be so fun. i hope we still go... ammon woke up in the middle of the night not feeling very well and he's actually still in bed trying to sleep it off. i hope he feels better soon.

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