Friday, June 15, 2007

100 things about me!

1- i was born on june 19th, 1985
2- i was born in columbus ohio and lived in various places there until i was 15
3- i was married on july 16, 2005
4- i thoroughly enjoy acoustic music
5- i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints
6- i gave birth to my son, noah on september 8, 2006
7- i don't like to pick "favorites" because it makes me feel trapped
8- i love photographing noah
9- i am a professional sleeper
10- i attended svu for one year
11- i love to scrapbook
12- when i do scrapbook, i am a complete perfectionist!
13- i'm learning to cook and getting pretty good at it
14- i teach the mia maids at church (14-15 year old girls)
15- i want to highlight my hair but don't want to keep the maintainance up on it
16- since being married, i have grown to like chocolate
17- piano music inspires me
18- that being said, i took piano lessons when i was 17
19- i love "reef" flip flops and will always own a pair
20- being in the ocean scares me a little
21- i could watch ammon play with noah all day and not get bored
22- my freckles come out in the sunshine
23- i get carsick on windy roads
24- since being married, ammon and i have read at least 1 chapter out of the Book of Mormon together everyday
25- i love my savior and know that i can live with him again someday
26- the music of norah jones soothes me
27- if my house is messy, i get stressed
28- i clean when i get upset
29- i enjoy practicing yoga and pilates but don't do it enough...
30- i never spend money on myself
31- i could spend A LOT of money on noah
32- i want to own my own house and a little bit of land
33- in this house, i want a whole room devoted to my photography and scrapbooking
34- if i have a girl, i think i want her name to be sadie
35- i own all 10 seasons of friends and watch them constantly
36- i love game shows
37- i love to shop at thrift stores
38- and at yard sales
39- i always have really good intentions but don't always follow through
40- i enjoy taking care of my family
41- i've had my puppy, shammie for 12 years. she stays with my parents
42- while i was growing up, i couldn't cry (unless i was in pain)
43- now that i'm a little older, i cry at most anything sentimental (and i still cry when in pain)
44- i'm a wuss. the smallest thing hurts me
45- i like to be reassured that i did something good
46- little things make me happy
47- i want to learn how to sew
48- i think i am really funny and laugh at my own jokes
49- when in pain, i do this half laugh, half cry thing. ammon laughs while trying to console me.
50- spring is my favorite season
51- i would never turn popcorn down if offered it. it's so yummy!
52- i'm a terrible liar
53- i love my parents
54- my favorite gifts from ammon are the poems he writes me
55- i try to be a good friend
56- i enjoy talking on the phone. especially to family.
57- i enjoy being surprised but always seem to ruin all my surprises
58- i've never been out of the united states
59- i would love to travel with ammon
60- i would tour europe first
61- i really like the color of my eyes. very blue
62- i am constantly told that i look young for my age
63- i am also told that i act older than my age
64- i always thought i wanted twins but, after having one, i don't
65- i sleep better on freshly washed sheets
66- i am a belly-sleeper and always have been
67- when folding laundry, i have a strange habit of smelling every piece of clothing. i love the smell!
68- i love to camp
69- i love the way mountains look on a clear day
70- i am extremely indecisive
71- i am a people pleaser
72- i have a freckle on my "pointer" toe. i like it
73- i don't like to eat red meat. i'm a chicken kind of girl.
74- i worked at a dental office for... 4 years? maybe 3?
75- i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters
76- i have never smoked, drank, done drugs and i've never had the desire to
77- i enjoy making wish lists just because
78- i don't like to open my front door unless i've seen who's out there
79- i go through home decorating magazines and tear out anything i want in my dream home. i have a 3-ring notebook that i keep them all in
80- i wish i had lots of money to help those i love
81- i like the smell of gasoline
82- i regret quitting gymnastics when i was younger
83- i've never been to disneyland or disneyworld
84- i have trouble leaving noah in someone else's care
85- i am scared of losing noah... mothers shouldn't have to go through life without their babies
86- i'm beginning to feel like i could have another baby
87- i drink a lot of skim milk. 1 gallon a week
88- i hate having two sounds going at the same time. tv and music... nonono. or if ammon and i are both on our computers each doing something with sound. it drives me nuts!
89- i am constantly on trying to find new recipes
90- i always kiss noah on the forehead and whisper, "i love you" when putting him in his bed
91- i use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets in every load
92- i met my best friend when i was 8 years old. she is still my best friend and is getting married next month!
93- i google at least 10 things everyday
94- when i grow old, i want silver hair
95- i am a people watcher
96- i find it amusing to watch other people get hurt... that's terrible!
97- i can stand on my head
98- i've never had braces
99- i love having fresh flowers in my home
100- i have enjoyed doing this and will probably add to the list a little later

4 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

I loved this!!! And I want to comment on a bunch of these...but I only have a minute right now. First of all, #53 warmed my heart (we love you too!!!) and also I LOVE the name Sadie! I'd never thought of it before, but I really love it!!
You are so unique....and I get to be your momma. Yay for me!

Kelly said...

Jess, I so much enjoyed reading your list. They really get down to the core of our Jessie. I Love you and all the things which make you who you are.
Your daddy

dubby said...

Glad I found your blog. Am I allowed to read it????

jubilant jess Ü said...

i'm not sure how to respond directly to you but of course you can read it. and if you could give me any helpful pointers on how to use blogger, i would really appreciate it. Ü

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