Friday, October 5, 2007

A call from Dr. McIlveen

I had to get blood taken again this morning. It's such a a hassle. I had to get up, give Noah his bottle, change his diaper and put his clothes on. Then of course, he pooped and I had to take his clothes off, change his butt and dress him again. Then I had to make myself somewhat presentable without a shower and entertain Noah while doing this. Then it was time for Noah's breakfast so I cook up some cheesy eggs and feed him while making a mental list of everything I needed to bring for our little trip. I pack Noah up in the car and we set off to the doctor's office. Drive for 30 minutes with a baby who hates being in the car and we're finally there. The girls at the doctor's office are basically family now. We see them a few times a week and I'm sure they have all seen more of me than they've wanted to. Anyway, they all ooo and aah over Noah for awhile and then they call me back to the lab. Someone has to hold Noah because if I do, he tries to pull the needle out of my arm... ouch! Then they stick me and of course I cannot look at the needle. I've found a nice spot on the wall that I look at everytime they take my blood. The girls ooo and aah over Noah some more and try to get him to do some of his adorable tricks, which of course, he doesn't. He just whispers where the light is over and over. Chat for a little bit and then back in the car for a 30 minute ride of Noah "uh-ohing" his blanket and pacifier. He thinks that in order for him to say uh oh, he has to actually drop something. And then he gets frustrated because he uh-ohed something that he really wanted.

Why did I document my morning? I'm really not sure...

Oh I think it was to explain why they were doing blood work. My doctor said that my numbers were dropping earlier this week which was good but they weren't dropping as much as he would have hoped. He told me to come in Friday (today) for blood work so that if I had to get the shot again, I could get it before the weekend. He called me this evening and said that my numbers had dropped to 230-something! He said that everything looks great and the shot seems to have worked! Hooray! Now I just have to go in once a week to have blood taken until my numbers are below 5. I am so relieved. I hope the numbers drop quickly so that we can be done with all this. It has been one hectic month. So physically and emotionally draining... Things are looking up!

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Queen Karana said...

Man, it's been quite a month for both of us. Here's to getting back to normal!

The Slusser Family said...

So sorry with all that's happened, sweetie. My prayers are with you. .

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