Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Operation Slim Down

I ate WAY too much over the Thanksgiving holiday. WAY WAY too much. It didn't help that Andrew had me make 4 batches of my spinach artichoke dip. So yummy! Everyone brought food and it was all so great! I really felt like I had gained 30 pounds so Ammon and I joined the gym on Tuesday! For Mothers' Day, my mother-in-law got me a 3 month membership and I loved going. I loved how I felt after going to a pilates or turbokick class. Ammon and I will be able to go together which I think will be so fun! We can play racquetball, go swimming, do a class, lift weights and so much more. I really like this facility and they have babysitting at no extra charge! Now I really have no excuse not to do something about my weight. Wish me luck!

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Beck said...

I wish we had a gym like that. I would be there all the time. I need to get some much needed exercise, too. Thanksgiving=weight gain

dubby said...

Sorry, but overweight Jesse is just an oxymoron.

Diane said...

But....that dip WAS addicting.

Diane said...

But....that dip WAS addicting.

Diane said... did I say that twice??? Maybe it was just that good?

Queen Karana said...

If my quest for furniture as a Christmas gift doesn't work out this year, I think I should pursue the gym membership.

But, as far as I can tell in your pictures, I think you look great.

But a little bit of exercise never hurt anyone. :)

I think you should post your recipe for your dip though. It sounds yummy.

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