Monday, December 31, 2007

No one fear, Ammon is here!

Ok, so Jess said that I never post and so she laid claim to our blog. I thought I would post and reclaim my part. :-)
I thought I would start off my posts with a joke. I hear starting out with a joke is the way to go. If you know me at all, you know that I like intellectual discussions so I found a joke that would incorporate the two.

With that I would like to share a quote with you:

"both warming and cooling occurred numerous times before the Industrial Revolution. Similarly, all the dire predictions of global-warming consequences - sea-level rise, for example - have happened in the past. In fact, the greatest warming period was when dinosaurs walked the land (about 70 million to 130 million years ago). There was then five to 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere as there is today, and the average temperature was 4-11 degrees Celsius warmer. Those conditions should have been very helpful to life, since they permitted those immense creatures to find an abundance of food and they survived. "

I would love to have someone try and prove the whole "global warming" thing to me. Just a warning though, make sure you know what you are talking about before you start talking.

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Beck said...

Hahaha, Ammon. This reminds me so much of you.

Queen Karana said...

Hi Ammon!

Joni Dew said...

I didn't want to comment as I'm afraid it will only boost your ego, but I'm going to anyway! Not about global warming as we have had that discussion and I don't believe in global warming either. I do want to comment on the fact that Jess mostly posts things about the family and Noah and you posted an invitation to agrue! haha! You're a trip, but I love you!

dubby said...

I don't believe in significant man-made global warming.

But I DO believe that most of the more mundane solutions to "global warming" are steps that we should take to be responsible citizens of our planet. I believe in recycling, reducing waste, fuel efficient cars, nuclear power, and development of nonpolluting power sources If only for the sake of national security, we need to start drilling in Alaska, allow new oil processing facilities in the states, and commit ourselves to immediately getting off our dependence on foreign oil.

If any of the rich global warming geeks really believed in their theory, the land that they think will be coastland in a few years would be increasing greatly in value and oceanfront property would be losing value. It's not happening.

Ammon said...

To Joni,
If I posted about my family I would be bloging the same thing has Jess. This would give us a very redundant blog. Some may want to know about Noah loving Curious George but I doubt if people want to hear about it twice.

This is way Jess and I are so great for each other. Jess is awesome at what she does and I try to pick up where she leaves off. Jess posting about our family leaves me posting about other stuff. Plus you really don’t want to get in the augment with me about whose kid is the cutest (I would so win).

To Dubby:
I find your post rather interesting but have a question: Is saying that the US needs to drill in Alaska for oil and that the US has foreign oil dependence a contradiction? I mean if we have oil in Alaska then we aren’t really dependency on foreign oil we just are smart by using up their oil first. The US has its own oil reserves and can step in and allow these reserves to be used, if they wanted to. If things get really bad they can then go and drill in Alaska and other places in the states. So to me the US doesn’t have a foreign oil dependency they have an oil consumption plan which involves using foreign oil reserves first.

I’m not going to comment on anything else in your post unless you really want me to.

On another note:
I don’t understand why no one has commented on how funny that job was. I cracked up when I saw it. Oh well, I’ll rationalize it off that no one got the joke.

Joni Dew said...

I'm so kciking myself for playing into your baiting to continue to agrue, but we wouldn't be siblings if I didn't!
Yes Jess is awesome and I'm glad she does most of the posting, but that doesn't mean a father's perspective on his family/son isn't nice either! Besides that, you could post a video of Noah walking. You know he is my only nephew and I still haven't seen him walk :(
As to your joke, I got it. I've also seen it before. Maybe you should rationalize that people didn't find it important enough to comment on OR the fact that you ask people to a "discussion" on global warming and not your joke!

dubby said...

You don't think we are dependent on foreign oil? And you think if we "wanted" we could just start using ours? What does it take, a week to start drilling or to build a new facility? A day or so for permits.

We are giving $100 a barrel to the Arabs right now. At what point do we realize that our sovereignty is more important than environmentalists' false claims of killing off polar bears?

Ammon said...

It's all about the money. When our government thinks that they can make more money using our own oil then they will. That's all there is to it.

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