Friday, February 8, 2008


in this family- we like soccer! and noah is no exception! he has always loved to play with ammon's soccer ball and in the past few months, he has started dribbling it all around the apartment. we sure are proud of our little dude!

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The Decker Family said...

This is so cute, and impressive. You have quite the little athlete,he is gonna be a pro! I love the song!

Diane said...

Ok...even tho' we watched it a few times last night, I was just watching this again. Dad heard it and came in and said, "start it again". so...we both enjoyed it again a few times. perfect song. I can't wait to have little Noah here in less than 2 weeks!! Definitely bring the soccer ball!
Just look at him go....yep...that's my grandson!

Michelle said...

Wow! I bet Ammon is so proud. I miss you and can't wait for our big road trip in a few weeks.

Ammon said...

I taught him that! :-)

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