Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nana & Poppy

This picture isn't the greatest of the boys. At least not Noah... He woke up really sick that morning but I'm so glad we have a picture like this! I'm really not sure when these boys will be together again. Especially with younger siblings on the way for both of them! Michelle and Toby picked Noah and me up on a Thursday and we drove up to H'burg. We had so much fun and these boys LOVE their grandparents! If my dad was ever in the house, Noah thought that he should be holding him or playing with him. I'm really not sure why he is so attached to my dad but it sure was cute to watch. We were able to stay for almost a week and while it was so hard to be away from Ammon, I'm glad we were able to make the trip! Thanks to Nana and Poppy for having us! Noah and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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Diane said...

this is wonderful, jess. I am so glad we stopped for a picture. They are growing SOOO fast. By the way, my arms ache to hold them again.

dubby said...

My arms ache to hold them and I'm not even related! They are so adorable!

jubilant jess Ü said...

dubby- i thought you were going to stop by while we were there! they would've loved to have made a new friend. :)

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