Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bubble Time

Noah and I have gone out to blow bubbles just about everyday lately. I've wanted to get some pictures of him because he has SO MUCH FUN chasing them. Sadly, blowing bubbles, putting the bottle down, picking the camera up and then taking a good picture is too much for me to handle. Believe me, I've tried... While dinner was cooking, we all went outside and I was able to get a couple good ones. And some blurry ones too. ;)

Chasing the BIG one!

I want to try!

He does this sometimes and it really makes me laugh! "I can't hear you!"

Noah thought it was funny to crawl through Ammon's legs like this. Silly boy!

Lots of bubbles!

I like this one a lot.


Trying to push Daddy over.

ACTUALLY pushing Daddy over. Haha!

4 friends stopped by:

Heather said...

Hey Jessie, it's Heather Michelle's neighbor. You are such a pro with the camera and take some beautiful pictures. I love to read your blog and look at your pictures.

dubby said...

Thank you for sharing these priceless pictures.

Michelle said...

Jess, the one you said you really liked is my favorite. These are precious. Andrew and I can't believe how big our lil' nephew is getting. He might be catching up to TK!

jubilant jess Ü said...

Thanks for stopping by now and then! When are you going to start a blog so we can keep up with you and your family? It's fun! :)

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