Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Stuff

Ammon is out of town on a business trip. He left super early yesterday to fly to Minneapolis for a Target meeting. Noah and I have been fine and have been keeping up with our routine but it's sad not to have Ammon here with us. He'll get home late tonight and I'm so glad!

In other news, we didn't get into the Air Force. They told us that we really didn't have a good chance of getting in from the very beginning. They told us that they recruit their officers first from the academy, then from within the AF, and lastly, outside hires... Plus, they are not in need of many officers right now... Not many are leaving the AF! I guess the benefits are too great. Ammon has a good job right now and staying in NC is good too. Not getting in the AF means that we now get to look for a house to buy! We're very excited to get our own house but haven't had any luck finding one yet. We've looked at quite a few and we have more that we're going to look at tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find one soon. We'd like to move before this baby comes! (in about 3 months!)

Noah is slowly getting better with the clinginess. Hooray! He is so funny. He is learning new words all the time and really communicating like a little person! It's fun to see him grow up. Last night we were playing in his room before bedtime and he kept laying down on the floor and saying, "night night." I was hoping he'd stay up a little later since I didn't have Ammon here but, he was ready for bed. Mom says that I would tell her when I was ready to go to bed too as a baby. Like mother, like son. I went in to check on him a few hours later and he had piled his blankets up at the foot of his bed. Then he had put his pillow on top of the blankets and was sleeping on top of his pillow! I wish I could've gotten a picture of it but he is such a light sleeper, it would've woken him up. I am amazed when I see other children sleep through noises and being picked up and moved other places. Not my Noah... he needs to fall asleep in his bed and he will wake up if he hears or feels anything.

I think while Ammon is gone, I'm going to organize our bedroom. I've been doing a good job at keeping the main area and Noah's room clean but our room is another story. Ammon bought me scrapbooking furniture for Mothers' Day and I'm still trying to organize all my stuff to fit in there. So I've got that all over the floor and desk, I've got piles of clean laundry around and who knows what else is in there... Seriously, it's bad. I'm hoping that Noah will sleep awhile so I can get it done. I'm also hoping that putting it up here on the blog will make me do it! We'll see...

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