Sunday, April 20, 2008


ok so no one actually tagged me but I wanted in on the fun too! I'm going to start this one and then tag 5 people at the end.

A-Z Tag

A- ATTACHED OR SINGLE: Happily attached to Ammon!

B- BEST FRIEND: My boys, Ammon and Noah, and also Corey.

C- CAKE OR PIE: I actually don't like either so much... I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I must admit that since I've been married, I've grown to like chocolate. If I had to pick, I'd pick pumpkin pie with PLENTY of whipped cream!

D- DAY OF CHOICE: Saturdays! Ammon lets me sleep in every Saturday. Oh and Thursdays too... The Office! Holla! (haha, mom)

E- ESSENTIAL ITEM: My Reef flip flops. Seriously, I wear them every single day. Even in the snow.

F- FAVORITE COLOR: I really can't pick just one. Right now I'm really diggin' green.

G- GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Noah. Man! He is one cool kid!

H- HOMETOWN: Hmmm... Ohio?

I- INDULGENCES: Right now with the pregnancy, I indulge with Resse's milkshakes from
Cookout. Yum!

J- JANUARY OR JULY: This is a toss-up... I hate the awful heat in July but don't like the ice in January either.

K- KIDS: 2 (Noah and Baby Boy 2 in August)


M- MARRIAGE DATE: July 16, 2005

N- NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 5. 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

O- ORANGES OR APPLES: Yum! Oranges all the way.

P- PHOBIAS OR FEARS: Bad things happening to my family. and spiders.

Q- QUOTES: If you watch the Office, you'll understand. "What part of shorn't don't you understand?!" - Michael

R- REASON TO SMILE: I have an amazing husband who takes care of me. My family is all healthy at the moment! Noah has started to "pretend". It is so cute. He'll pretend to take a bite out of something and then say, "Mmmmm..."

S- SEASON: This one is hard! I have a hard time picking a favorite anything! I pick spring. No, fall. No wait, spring. Ugghh! I don't know...

T- TAG FIVE FRIENDS: I tag Mom, Michelle, Joni, Corey and Beck.

U- UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I have never broken a bone or been stung by a bee.

V- VERY FAVORITE STORE: Does craigslist count? I find the best deals on there! Other than that, Target.

W- WORST HABIT: I asked Ammon and he said, "not putting stuff away". Yeah, it's true...

X- X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND: what? I'll say ultrasound because you get pictures of your cute baby!

Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: I'm a sucker for bread. I love rolls, breadsticks, garlic bread... All bread!

Z- ZODIAC: Gemini - The twins

Ok, i did it. Now back up to the letter "T" and if I tagged you, then it's your turn to do it! Have fun! And I have a few more of these that I'm sure I'll break out soon. :)

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dubby said...

lol - you have five siblings, two are brothers, two are sisters. What is the other one? Who is the other one? mmmmHHHMMMM!

jubilant jess Ü said...

haha! thats funny. i should probably fix that before someone gets mad. :)

meg said...

i'm already mad!!

dubby said...

Meg, you SHOULD be mad. I think your sister owes you an apology and she should name her next baby after you. What is the male form of you name anyway? Megbert?

Michelle said...

It was ME she left out, Meggie, not you. :)

Diane said...

hey...has Laurie seen this???
maybe it was HER?

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