Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to the mess!

How cute are they?! Noah was a little stir-crazy because we hadn't gone anywhere all day. So this evening we spent some time over at the house to check out the progress. Noah LOVES his daddy so much!

My cutie...

And now onto the much anticipated house pictures. I didn't take any of the basement today. Not really sure why. We spent most of our time is this room because...the floor is in!! Beautiful!

This is a picture of the landing. The master bedroom is on the left, Noah's room is straight ahead and the baby's room is to the right. Oh and a bathroom on the left too.

Stairs to the bedrooms.

Living room

From the front door looking into the dining room.

Dining Room


Kitchen again.

We're moving in next week and I'm thrilled about it! The flooring won't be finished but, thats ok. We'll get it done eventually. Anyone want to come pack things up and move it all to the new house?! :)

6 friends stopped by:

Megan Hall said...

HOW CUTE!! I love the colors you picked. It looks beautiful i am so excited for you guys.

Joni said...

Oh Jess, how exciting!!! I love the floor it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished with your pictures on the wall :)

Beck said...

How awesome! It must be so exciting. And I love the colors.

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

As long as the A/C is working, eh?

meg said...

noah's getting SO big!! i can't to come see you guys!

Melissa said...

Jess... I had a dream about you last night... I was helping you move... I guess you have been on my mind as you are finish up your house, packing, moving, unpacking, and approaching the arrival of baby boy #2. Hope all is well and wish I lived near you to help!

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