Saturday, August 2, 2008

Big Boy Bed

We're here! We finally got into our new house and completely out of the apartment. It feels so great to only have one place to worry about. Will and Ginger really came to our rescue and helped us move. Thank you so much!

One thing I was nervous about was switching Noah to his "big boy bed". He sleeps so well in his crib and I was nervous that the transition would be really tough on him. We got Ammon's bed that he grew up sleeping on for Noah to use. Ammon's dad grew up sleeping on it too. It has a trundle underneath it and as soon as Noah saw it, he loved it! Tuesday night was our first night sleeping here. We all knelt by his bed and said our prayers. Then we told him that it was time to go "night night". He climbed right up into bed and laid on his pillow. We tucked him in nice and tight and he slept there the whole night! He really had no transition time at all. I was nervous that he would fall out of the bed since he's kind of a crazy sleeper but so far, so good. We pulled the trundle out just in case. He has slept 4 nights and 4 naps in his bed and has had no trouble at all. We actually have to go in and wake him up. I think he'd sleep there all day if we let him. Here's a picture from his first night in his bed. The lighting was bad so, it's a little blurry.

Now when he sleeps in his bed, he burrows completely under the blankets. I try not to worry about it too much. I remember my sister used to sleep completely under her blankets too... Anyway, just wanted to share how big my boy is getting. Mama is so proud!

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Joni said...

Too cute!
Funny side story..there is actually a home video of all three of us siblings jumping from the top bed to the under bed. Eva and Ammon kept fighting over how far away it should be. Good times.

dubby said...

Poor Dianna -- she had several Thud! Waaahhh! moments when she started in her new big bed. She was very good at missing the pillows we put on the floor.

JamieSue said...

Oh that is sooo good to hear. Libby will be switching to a big girl bed in about 2 weeks and I am nervous about it. But we really need Paisley out of our room so the change will be nice! Congrats on the house! that is sooo awesome!

Cortney said...

Yeah noah!!!

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Reminds me of my old childhood friend, Verman P. Beddwedder.

Kristy said...

Aw, so cute Jessie! It always seems so official when they get in a big more baby. But such a cute little toddler! Hope you are feeling well in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new little guy!

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