Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Visit from Nana & Poppy

Griffin and I came home from the hospital on Friday and my parents were able to come that evening and stay for the weekend! We had so much fun with them. I love spending time with my parents and was glad they were able to make the trip. They helped me out a lot. Noah LOVED having them here and played with them the entire time.

I don't like Noah to sleep past 5pm - It's hard to get him to go down at night if he sleeps all day. Mom and Dad (Nana and Poppy) went in to wake him up.

Sleeping under his pillow. Of course.

So sleepy.

Noah loves to make up games and then do them over and over. This is one of many games he played with Nana and Poppy.

Loving all the attention!

On our way to take Griffin to the hospital for a weight check.

He was like this the whole weekend. Soaking up all the love and attention he could get.

These two have always had a special bond. Ever since Noah was born, if Poppy is in the room, that's where Noah is. Right there on his lap or in his arms. So cute!

Nana, Poppy, Griffin

Noah loves to give Griffin kisses. Here are my boys with their grandmas.

The boys. Poppy, Griffin, Ammon, Noah and Pap.

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! I had a great time and can't wait to visit with you again. :)

4 friends stopped by:

Diane said...

Those couple of days went by so quickly. I love the new was fun to putter around there. But being with you both...and those terrific boys...was absolutely the best. Noah was so fun and sweet. I loved going in and waking him up. And adorable. I wish I was rocking him again right now. I am incredibly blessed. Beyond measure.
You are a super mom, Jessie. I mean it.....just super.

Beck said...

Sounds like so much fun! He is adorable. And Noah looks like he is going to be a great big brother. Congrats, again!

Allison said...

First of all, your boys are so adorable! And I am glad things went so well and fast! Second, oh my gosh your parents look exactly the same!!!

Megan Hall said...

Oh he is so cute jess. I can't wait to meet the little guy. How is having a house of four? love you and congrats!

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