Friday, October 24, 2008

Why your kids should not go to public school

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Diane said...

Well, Jessie went to 9th grade at Beavercreek High...and then was home for the rest. This was HER desire...and it worked for her. But we were very social and she was involved with others a lot. I am not sure this is the best for most, though. It did work for Jessie, but she had already had ten years of public school. I am really glad the others went to high school, that worked for them...they made friends and learned a lot about being themselves and who they were...even though it was hard.
You guys will be good matter what.

Cortney said...

Welcome to the dark side....mwahahahahahaha.

Okay, all kidding aside- I'm glad you're making a decision that works for your family.

Queen Karana said...

I respect your right to make this decision for your family.

I also think this story is scary.

However, this story is not going to change my opinion that public school works for my family and for my kids. I'm not going to put them into the middle of the ocean and tell them not to get wet, but I will give them the best boat I can afford, with some life jackets, and other emergency supplies.

I think that public schools may vary a lot depending on where you live. Ironically, the problem that you are talking about isn't necessarily a problem with the school. It's a problem with the kids. Some people may say that it's the schools fault because maybe the sex education isn't enough. I don't consider that the schools fault at all - because while my children WILL get the public school version of sex ed, they are going to get Mom and Dad's version of sex ed too. Which is how I feel it should be.

SO... since the problem is with the kids, and it seems to me that most of the problems with public schools is with the kids, I can see how home schooling might seem like the right solution for many people.

But another argument that home schoolers face come from people who say "Your kids won't be socialized because they are away from other kids."

Then the homeschoolers say, "Oh no! I will take them to other activities. They will do some extra-curriculars at the school. I will join up with other home schoolers."

If the problem is with the kids, then meeting up with other home schoolers isn't necessarily going to solve the problems. For example, my first sin that required getting the Bishop involved happened at a church activity, IN the church, ON a Sunday, during a fireside, WITH a Mormon boy.

So... I think it is important to know whether the issue you have with public schools is due to the public school system itself, or is it the behavior of the children who attend public schools? The behavior that creates the headlines that is...

Just my rambling .02!

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