Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Story time

A little background... This book is about a frog who goes around to different animals in search of the perfect dance. Each animal has it's own dance and none of them seem right to the frog. At the end, his mother shows him her dance and he realizes that it's perfect for him. This is the first time Noah ever read this book to himself. It's pretty cute! Unless you're a grandparent or aunt or uncle, I can't promise that this long clip will be entertaining to you. We love our little man and love to see him learn like this!

4 friends stopped by:

Mommydew said...

very very VERY cute!!!
I can't wait to show Kieralee (she's napping right now)

Snow...you already got snow?! I'm stilling sporting a t-shirt!

Ken said...

Noah always seemed so studious, even as an infant. He's kept that trait, I see. Give him a big hug for us!

meg said...

aww. so cute! i love how he says griffin.

Diane said...

Poppy and Nana just love this. He is such a concerned big brother, too. we miss him!!!!!

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