Friday, December 5, 2008

Get Well Soon!

So, both boys are sleeping right now and I wanted to do a bit of blogging before they wake up and things get crazy again... I have some really cute videos that I wanted to share and some great pictures too but, Ammon virused my computer (love you, babe) so I can't. I have to use his computer which doesn't have card slots for my memory cards. Even if I could get the pictures on the computer, he doesn't want me to download any programs like my picasa because get this, I might download a virus! Also, we use a magicjack for our phone and since my computer is ill, I have no phone either. So, if any of you are trying to call me today, that's what's up. Ammon is super genius with computers so I'm hoping he's able to fix it tonight. Check back soon for some gymnastics videos!

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Michelle said...

I DID try to call...thanks for the heads up!

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