Thursday, January 8, 2009

The First Christmas Post

Ok, so my first Christmas post is actually from our last Christmas trip.  I'll back track.  We left Christmas morning to go up to my parents' house for a few days.  We had a great time with the whole family.  Everyone was able to come - that's a whopping 19 people staying in my parents' house!  It actually worked out really well.  They have a great house for guests to be able to stay.  Between my mom, my sister and I, we took over 400 pictures.  Here are some of my favorites!  

Griffin has 2 cousins that were born right around the same time as him.  Mom and Dad got all 3 boys this ADORABLE bear outfit.  Here is Tate and Griffin doing their modeling session with Nana and Poppy.

Megan got Ammon and I this game called, SET.  We love it and played it a lot while we were there.  I'm not going to describe the rules right here but, if you know how to play and you see a set in this picture, PLEASE tell me.  We weren't able to find one.

Ok, this picture is horrible but I needed to try and document this.  We were hanging out in the living room and someone noticed all these birds landing in my parents' yard!  This wasn't all of them either.  They kept coming and coming!  It seriously made me think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Birds.  I couldn't get my camera to focus because they were moving so much.  I also had to take it through the window screen.  Crazy!  Noah thoroughly enjoyed this part of the trip.

My cute parents!

Me and my Daddy

Ammon's pretending to like me.

2 of my favorite sisters - Megan and Michelle

These two became great friends this trip.  They really love eachother and wanted to be together all the time.  This is Noah and his cousin, Toby.  They hugged a lot this trip.  :)

Our family after church

This is everyone!  We all made it to church on time and interrupted a Sunday School class to get this picture taken.  I can't remember the last time my parents had all their children at church with them.

Poppy loves his grandbabies.  He spent a lot of time holding each one.  Here he is spending some quality time with Griffin.

Here's Noah attempting a handstand amongst the presents.  Good job Noah!

Griffin James

All the grandsons.  Toby is holding Tate.  David is in the middle and Noah is holding Griffin.

All seven grandkids!  Kimmi is holding Griffin.  Then Toby, Tate, and Noah in the middle.  Alli is holding David.

Tate, David and Griffin in their bear outfits.  (i'm not sure what happened to the color in this picture)

Nana and Tate sharing a moment.  So cute!

Nana with Tate on the left.  Griffin on the right.

We went outside for a little while.  Here I am with Toby and Noah.  Toby's face cracks me up in this picture!

On the trampoline!  Kimmi, Noah, Alli and Toby.

A gift from Lolo.  How sweet is this picture?!

Lolo's birth control...  Griffin exploded!

Ammon and I.  Check out Ammon's shirt.  Megan had us reinact it.  I was the one on the left.  Ammon on the right.  It was hilarious!  Too bad Megan was the only one that saw it.

Nana and Poppy gave Toby, Noah, Griffin and Tate all a bath one night.  Noah and Nana after the bath.

Toby and Noah had tons of fun at bathtime!

Griffin and Nana after bathtime.

Pretty blue eyes.

Nana with the naked babies.  Tate on the left.  Griffin on the right.

One of the many hugs I talked about earlier.  So sweet...

After the football game.  Josh, Noah, Ammon, Andrew, and Drew

Making Tate and Griffin smile.

We really enjoyed our trip and we're so glad that everyone was able to make it.  Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.  We love you!

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Mommydew said...

Awesome post! As I scrolled down I was like "Ooh that ones my favorite. I'll make a comment about it." Then I would scroll down to the next one and think the same thing!

dubby said...


Michelle said...

Thanks for posting, Jess. We had SOOOOO much fun and I can't wait for all of us to get together again :) Tell me if anyone finds a "set." It STILL drives me crazy!

Diane said... I am crying looking at these...can you all PLEASE come back this weekend????
It was a magical time, that's for sure.
I am so blessed.

Ellis Family said...

Jess, It's Kristen McIntyre Ellis. I came across your blog from a link on the Milton's. I'm glad I found it! What an awesome family you have! It's amazing to see what has happened to all of us over the past few years. We're all grown up now, huh! Please check out our blog too. kristenanddanellis.blogspot

Megan Hall said...

Let me just star by saying your family is ADORABLE! Seriously! I am glad you had a good Christmas, your family is growing fast. Lots of grandbabies for your cute parents already. Tell your parents I said hi by the way, It feels like forever since I saw them.

Queen Karana said...

We love SET.
I studied your picture - I would say there's no SET there. Did you deal the extra three cards and keep going or was that the last play of the game?

Armstrong Family said...

Your family is so big now. I can't believe your little brother... wow. He's a little hottie now. The cousins look like twins. I miss you guys.~mandy

The Milton Family said...

Wow, your parents should be so proud of the family they have made and the legacy they provide the world. Beautiful people that love eachother. Amazing.
Love you.

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