Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Team Ammon and Jess

Lately, my heart has been full of joy by the words of my 2-year old son, Noah.  My favorite things he says right now are, "Great Job!", "bless you!", "sorry", "you're welcome", "Kee-pa" (thank you) and "please".  Not because he says these in a particularly cute way but because I know he is learning how to be polite and positive because of our parenting towards him.  Ammon and I love being parents and are constantly trying to do what is right for them.  We are always talking about our children and how we need to be teaching, helping and loving them.  I'm grateful for my children and I'm grateful I don't have to parent them alone.  I have Ammon who doesn't just go along with what I say but he defintely has his own ideas on how to parent better.  We are a great team and I am really excited about the future of our family.

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