Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ammon!

Ammon turned 27 this month!!  He is so old...  :)  We went down to the temple on his birthday and enjoyed going through a session together.  Will and Ginger went too and watched the boys while we were in the temple.  Thanks guys!  We're going to try and make this a monthly thing and I'm so grateful that Will and Ginger are making that possible.  Anyway, after the temple we went to eat at Qdoba - yum!  "Naked Chicken Queso Burrito.  Tortilla on the side, please"  Then we headed over to Hanes Mall and did a little shopping.  Ammon picked up a paintball gun that he found on Craigslist for $6!!  After the mall, we came home, changed clothes and headed over to the Lovato's for Peyton's 2nd bday party.  It was a super busy day but I think Ammon enjoyed it.  Since Ammon's birthday was so busy, we celebrated as a family the next day.  We made him his favorite brownies, let him blow out candles and open a few gifts.  And Ammon, since you're 27, here are 27 reasons why I love you:

1- You love the Lord, and live your life to please Him
2- You are a WONDERFUL father and someone I want my boys to strive to be like
3- You love to cuddle
4- You never complain...about anything!
5- You know how to work hard and enjoy it
6- You love to spend time with Noah, Griffin and me
7- You're patient - oh so patient!
8- You are so handsome
9- When you concentrate, you chew the inside of your cheeks
10- You radiate heat and can easily keep me warm
11- You are honest
12- You pretend to listen even when you're totally bored with what I'm saying (why do I still keep talking even though I know you've tuned out??)
13- You always know what I'm thinking
14- You do my "honey do" lists
15- You always kiss me when you leave or when you come home
16- You think my silly quirks are cute
17- You have great common sense
18- You have such a fun sense of humor
19- You wink at me because you know I love it
20- You know me better than I know myself most of the time
21- You are so laid back and always go with the flow
22- You love and respect your parents
23- You love playing games with me
24- You'll stay up through the night just to talk with me
25- You're goofy and laugh at my stupid jokes
26- You are so quick to forgive
27- You chose to spend eternity with me!!!

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Ammon said...

Before you go and start thinking I am the perfect husband remember the saying "Behind every great man is an even better woman."

Michelle said...

You guys are too cute! And you know what they say..."Behind every great couple is an even better sister." They say that, right?

jubilant jess Ü said...

Michelle- you're so right... We owe all our greatness to Megan. :)

Ammon- I love you

Mommydew said...

Wait, wait, meant to say you owe it all to Joni right?! ;)

I am so glad you and Ammon have each other.

Happy Birthday Ammon!

Diane said...

This is cute, Jess. And Dad and I love Ammon too!!!

And I am nuts about my guys crack me up! (Michelle, that was so funny....and then Jessie came right back on you....funny stuff!)

meg said...

hahaha. too true, jess. too true...

this is way cute, btw. (which is ebonics for by the way)

i miss you guys!

muy muy

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