Friday, January 30, 2009


I hate when Ammon is not here...  You know how some couples really benefit from a little time away?  Not us.  It's when we're apart when things can get sticky between us.  If we could spend all day, every day together, that would be great for us.  He's camping tonight with the scouts.  Then in the morning, they're playing some paintball.  I'm not sure when he'll be home but I know that I already miss him.  The boys and I made it through the day pretty well without Daddy here.  This morning, our church "mommy group" traveled down to SciWorks in Winston-Salem.  Today was the last day that their dinosaur exhibit was in town.  I wasn't sure Noah would like it... I actually thought he would freak out and want me to carry him.  We talked about dinosaurs all morning and how exciting it was going to be.  When we got there, Noah did freak out but in a GREAT way.  He loved the dinosaurs and had a blast going through the whole museum.

Noah and Genevieve playing with the dinosaur legos.

Grace, Peyton and Noah working the robotic dinosaur.

Future archaeologist.  So careful... Actually no.  He was using the brushes to fling sand EVERYWHERE!

Remember this show??

I have a video of this... This snake was shedding it's skin!  It was so creepy and disgusting but I couldn't stop watching it!

The boys.  Joseph, Peyton, and Noah

"A Fish!  LOOK!  A Fish!"

Noah got to touch the snake.  He wasn't scared at all!

Griffin and I came too.  Ammon says that Griffin always looks like a football player in pictures.  lol

This was cool.  They are magnetic so you can make up your own sequence and then make them all spin.  Neat.

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Diane said...

Oh Jessie...I love love love this. Noah is so curious and fun. He is discovering his wonderful world each and every day. Love the pictures. And Griffin makes me want to get in the car RIGHT now and come down for some Griffin-snuggles. Let's catch up on EVERYTHING tomorrow. I love and miss you like crazy, my sweet Jess.

Mommydew said...

The pictures were great, but that video was awesome! After I got over being choked up, I just couldn't help but smile.

Armstrong Family said...

Jessie you look great.~mandy

Queen Karana said...

Hey Jess - I love those gears too. Did you know that you can buy smaller sets for your fridge? Might be a fun toy!

Diane said...

love watching noah run and show you the dinosaurs and then run back just as fast.

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